David Bollea vs Jimmy Jones– 1st round…Both guys came out fast and exchanged early.  Jones landed a huge head kick that sounded like home run off the sweet spot of the bat…dayum.  Bollea shrugged it off.  Jones is clearly the better striker, and Bollea dove for a TD, but Jones was able to stand back up.  Jimmy Jones took 2shots to the coin purse within 60 seconds…”Time to protect your nuts guy” (name that quote).  Jones dropped Bollea late  in the first and Bollea snagged a heel hook, but Jones escapd.  Round 2…Starts off more of the same, Jones is too much for Bolleas on the feet.  They end up with Jones in side control, and Bollea is rolling for sub after sub, ut Jones gets out and up…only to drop Bollea with a knee, but they stand back up.  Jones drops Bollea AGAIN, and is working the body with knees and at 1 point a wicked kick to the body.  Jones repeated strikes to the body are to much for Bollea and finishes him via strikes in the 2nd.

Danny Davis Jr vs Mike Dizak-Round 1…The fight started off back and forth on the feet, that is until I HEARD the LOUDEST cup shot I’ve EVER heard.  Davis Jr. destroyed Dizak’s hopes and raising littlins’.  The reach difference Davis has is an issue for Dizak on the feet, and Davis knows it.  The round ended with Davis getting the better of the exchanges.  Round 2…Davis throws a crazy head kick that Dizak ducks under and grabbed a single leg, but Davis was able to pop back up.  Davis is throwing a lot of kicks, I guess he doesn’t fear a TD.  The second round has less action, as they seem to be tiring after a crazy first.  Davis is using his size to bully Dizak against the cage.  At the end of the round Dizak began to bully Davis against the cage.  3rd round…Dizak open up pressuring Davis against the cage, and landing some good shots in the exchanges.  Dizak can’t seem to finish a TD up against the cage, Davis is displaying some good TD defense.  In a reversal of roles, Davis pressured Dizak against the cage, and landed a nice TD, and tapped Dizak with what looked like a modified darce.  Great fight, that’s what I like to see, a back and forth and a finish in the third.

Chase Gormley vs Beau Tribolet– Round 1…Gormley took the fight on short notice and came in weighing 275, but I think they OK’ed it with the commish.  Both fighters are in and out, exchanging briefly and separating.  Beau drops Gormley with a solid punch and jumped all over Gormley finishing him with strikes quickly in round 1 via TKO, thankfully Mazzagatti didn’t let anyone get killed.  Gormley looks dazed STILL.

Elvis Mutapcic vs Cezar Ferreira– Round 1…Boom! Elvis has left the building, and drops Cezar with a left hook before I could even get my finger out of my nose.  followed it up with 1 punch but it was (academic) 25 seconds into the first.  Early candidate for KO a bonus.

Victor Moreno vs Bristol Marunde– Round 1…They exchange…they dance.  Moreno goes for a judo throw which Bristol defended and threw Moreno down.  Moreno goes for the flying crane kick, but he’s not Machida (or Daniel Larusso) and it misses.  Moreno drps Bristol with a right, rushes a guillotine, and Bristol ends up in side control.  Bristol grabs a kimura and Moreno taps QUICKLY…It looked bad but Moreno is doing the doctor requested arm circles, so I think he’ll be OK.

James Birdsley vs John Gunderson– Round 1…Bad blood fight here.  Gunderson went for a choke early and transitioned to an arm-bar, but James escaped and ended up on top.  James then took Gunderson’s back, but Gunderson escaped and demonstrated some good sub defense.  The crowd is clearly for Gunderson, this is the loudest it’s been so far.  Gunderson is PUNISHING Birdsley up against the cage with strikes, Birdsley who missed weight is clearly struggling.  Gunderson locks in a choke of his own, but Birdsley escapes, not without eating some leather though.  Gunderson wins the round pretty decisively.  Round 2…Gunderson is confident as he is baiting Birdsley to hit him.  Birdsley ended up with Gunderson’s back after a scramble, Gunderson escapes scrambles and locks in the RNC to win the fight…this was a good back and forth BJJ fight…Bad blood over?

Justin Buchholz vs Thiago Meller– Round 1…The 2 fighters come out, exchange, and clinch.  They are exchanging early, often, and hard.  Wow these guys are TH-ROW-ING.  Bucchholz gets Meller in trouble, Meller tries to shoot, but Buchholz defends, and Meller lays on his back, content to let Buchholz punish his legs.  They scramble, Meller ends up with a MOUNTED guillotine, but Buchholz escapes rather easily.  The round ends with Buchholz landing a head kick, but Meller doesn’t appear to be wobbled.  Round 2…lightning doesn’t strike twice, Buchholz tries another front kick, but it doesn’t land.  Meller lands a TD, and tries to choke Buchholz out, but Buchholz escapes, stands, and begins to PUNISH Meller against the cage with strikes…he’s clearly the fresher fighter.  I guess training with Urijah Faber makes you impervious to fatigue.  Another front kick misses.  Buchholz is winning the stand up, as blood is trickling down Meller’s face.  Round 3… Buchholz has thrown50 kicks easy, and most of them are acquiring real estate on Meller’s thigh.  Meller opens up out of nowhere, landing 4-5 unanswered shots.  Buchholz circles out and lands 3-4 of his own…HARD.  Meller lands an TD, only to be reversed by Buchholz, who drops some elbows with very bad intentions.  Mazzagatti stands them up after Meller is able to create some distance on the ground.  Buchholz is landing some seriously hard shots, I can’t believe Meller is conscious.  Horn sounds with Buchholz firmly in control.  Buchholz wins a unanimous decision 30-27.

John Alessio vs Shawn Fitzsimmons– They open up with a flurry of vicious exchanges, remember Fitz took this fight on short notice, so I’m surprised at how fast the pace is.  John Alessio is so poised and calculated in there…great economy of motion, but I guess that comes with 40+ fights of experience.  Very close round.  Round 2…Alessio is stalking Fitzsimmons, who must be in incredible shape having took the fight on TWO DAYS NOTICE.  For every 3 punches Fitz throws, Alessio LANDS 1.  Alessio goes for a TD, Fitz defends but then slips, and Alessio ends up on top.  Fitz reverses Alessio and ends up in Alessio’s butterfly guard.  They scramble, and Alessio ends up in mount.  They scramble again, and Alessio takes Fitz’s back and locks in the RNC, Fitz goes out on his shield and doesn’t tap, but goes to sleep (warrior sh*t).  Credit to Fitzsimmons for taking the fight on short notice.

Josh Neer vs Blas Avena– Round 1…Quick exchange early…Blas throws a kick, Neer catches it and they end up against the cage.  Blas escapes to the center of the cage, but Neer takes him down.  Neer is in side control droppin’ bows (Luda is in his corner…not really).  Neer mounts Avena and is dropping HEAVY shots.  Neer G&P’s his way to victory.  He predicts a first round knockout…and he gets a first round TKO…close enough.  Neerstrodamus.

What a great event by Superior Cage Combat, EVERY single fight was great with only 1 going to the judges score cards.  The funny thing about that was in that bout that went to decision, Justin Buchholz was landing some of the hardest shots thrown, it’s just Meller has an iron jaw apparently…not a single fight disappointed.  Be on the look out for more photos and videos from this event, I’ll post them as soon as my crew gets them to me