TapouT Founders Approve BAMMA USA Cage Dedication to Charles “Mask” Lewis

A press conference is scheduled for Friday, July 13, 2012 after the last fight at Badbeat 6 inside the  Commerce Casino Ballroom (Commerce, CA) to announce the dedication of the fighter entrance door to  the BAMMA USA cage, to Charles “Mask” Lewis.

TapouT Approved

TapouT founders Dan ‘Punkass’ Caldwell and Tim ‘Skyscrape’ Katz will be on hand to officially approve the dedication, give remarks, and answer questions from the media. BAMMA USA CEO Brett Roberts has  had a long standing personal relationship with the TapouT Crew. “These guys helped form the sport of  MMA into what it is today”, remarked Roberts, “we owe them a debt of gratitude for all that they have  done and what they continue to do for the sport.” The dedication itself has been in the works for a very  long time. “We are fortunate that ‘Punkass’ and ‘Scrape’ could rearrange their schedules to make this  happen”, added Roberts.

About ‘Mask’

Charles David Lewis, Jr. is better known to millions by his nickname ‘Mask’. He excelled as a  businessman, promoter and entertainer during his lifetime. ‘Mask’ was one of the original founders of  the TapouT apparel company. In 1997, alongside his two friends ‘Skyscrape’ and ‘Punkass’, they began  selling MMA apparel out of the back of their car at local shows. Within 10 years, the company reported  revenues of over $22 million and within 2 years after that, it reported over $220 million in revenue. Well  known in the MMA community, ‘Mask’ reached a much larger audience when the TapouT television  series began airing in 2007. The reality show followed the TapouT Crew as they traveled the country  looking for fighters to sponsor and promote their company. Charles’ accidental death in 2009 sent  shockwaves throughout the sport. His contribution to the popularity of MMA was so significant that the  UFC posthumously inducted ‘Mask’ into its Hall of Fame just months after his passing. To date, Charles  ‘Mask’ Lewis remains the only non-fighter in the UFC Hall of Fame

BAMMA USA Cage Dedication Press Conference
Friday, July 13, 2012
Commerce Casino
6131 Telegraph Road
Commerce, CA 90040
Scheduled to start shortly after the last fight of the night

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