Thanks for nothing Roy

Me and our Editor, Jimmy Hankins, are Big Country fans. Jimmy is a bigger fan than me, pun intended. We enjoy what Roy Nelson brings to the sport, we like watching him fight. We also were part of the 80+ thousand fans who ‘liked’ his Facebook page in an attempt to get him to fight at 205. In what was just a publicity stunt, Roy had no intention of ever dropping to the LHW division, despite the fact that he could quite possibly be a champion in the division.Not to mention 80 thousand people ‘liked’ his page in the first day alone. Doesn’t that say something? It says that the fans want to see him fight and win at 205! So for that, I say, Thanks for nothing Roy.

I’m still gonna watch him fight, I’m still gonna root for him, and I’m still gonna be a fan of his, I’m also gonna wonder each and every day about what could have been at 205.

That’s It!
Anthony Dominguez
comedian.writer.lover…Editor in Chief

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