The best MMA Comedy Sketch I’ve seen

As a comic, I don’t laugh at most comedy, if it’s funny, I just say, with a smile ‘That’s funny’. It’s from spending hundreds and hundreds of hours in comedy clubs listening to the same jokes over and over. Not to mention, telling the same jokes over and over. So it takes something quite special to get to actually laugh out loud. Sketch comedy is even more difficult for me to laugh at, I’ve been involved in more projects that have never seen the light of day than you could ever imagine. Funny projects, the kinds of projects that made people cry from laughter…only to have them shelved and in some cases, locked up in seemingly endless lawsuits. I’m not jaded, just difficult to entertain comedically. Which is why I was amazed by this MMA Sketch, it’s funny, well written and did I mention, Funny? The sign of good comedy, really really good comedy is when other comics say ‘Damn, I shoulda though of that.’ After watching this sketch, I said just that. Damn, damn, damn. What I can tell you all is, watch this sketch and enjoy. I did.


That’s It!
Anthony Dominguez
comedian.writer.lover…Editor in Chief

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