The Bob Sapp losing streak continues

The Bob Sapp losing streak continues, But the Bob Sapp Paydays just keep on commin!

We’ve reached the conclusion that we don’t want Bob ‘The Payday Diver’ Sapp to ever quit losing, we want the losing streak to go on for ever. He’s had 7 or 8 fights this year depending on the source, with 7- or 8  losses and 1 win, it would be incredible if his record rose from 11-14 to 11-89, 100 fights, 89 losses. Go Bob, at 30k per fight that would be $2,670,000 dollars he would earn for taking a dive. Not a bad payday. We are no longer mad at the man for making a living. Watch below for his latest dive.

Rumble young man Rumble