The Family Business (Ryan Couture at Strikeforce Challengers)

Tonight on Showtime, Ryan Couture (2-0) keeps the family business alive when he enters the cage for the third time at the Strikeforce Challengers event in Kent, Washington.

My father was in Real Estate and I’ll admit I briefly considered joining the family business. I learned a bit about selling. Saw some of the paperwork involved. However, I can’t say that I would have considered it at all if the family business involved being punched, kicked and submitted…

At 28, Ryan’s certainly had some time to explore options and has decided to enter the cage on a regular basis. He’s done pretty well, and while he does have the extra challenge of having a high profile because his dad is Randy Couture, MMA Legend, he’s shown improvement.

At this point you can’t really say much except that he has shown a lot of potential. He could go far. But in my mind, the bout I really want to happen would have him facing  “Little Randy” Justin Edwards in a very marketable match. Hell, they could get Maury Povich involved in the pre-fight build-up!*

The event “Strikeforce Challengers: Fodor vs Terry” features five main card bouts and three preliminary card matches. It airs on Showtime at 11 pm ET/PT in North America and on Primetime in the UK.

MMA is a tough sport and injuries can occur in training, in bouts and in life. It’s not uncommon to see fighters who put on an impressive showing at a Strikeforce Challengers event get opportunities to fill-in on Strikeforce main cards. Ryan Couture has a name, and that’s a big advantage from a marketing perspective. He’s apparently grown up being trained and coached by the best, and now it’s time for him to continue to deliver.

*I know, they’re different weight classes right now. But give them a few years… if they can both manage to have decent careers of any length, this is one of those “they have to fight!” kind of match-ups.