The Fedor gravy Train keeps a rollin

It appears M-1 Global has made a decision for Fedor Emelianko has made a decision, and decided to continue competing in MMA. With a Russian show in the Fall and a possible NYE bout in Japan (read HUGE PAYDAY on NYE in Japan, Fedor is Huge in Japan, seriously huge. Good for M-1 Global him to cash in there) Fedor has plans.

In the following release, notice how the royal ‘We’ is used when mentioning Fedors decision to stay in the game. At some point it would be nice to hear Fedor say “I want to continue fighting.” As for the last statement, for any U.S. promotion with the funds to cover Fedor’s price tag, he would have to have a pretty spectacular run of wins before any of them considers making an offer.

Vadim Finkelchtein in an M-1 Global press release:

“We consulted with Fedor and it was decided that he should not leave the sport in this way. His friends and past opponents support Fedor in continuing his career and he agreed. We want to organize a fight for Fedor in Russia and have already begun working in this direction. If everything goes as planned, we will produce a card in Moscow or St. Petersburg sometime in the fall with Fedor as the main event. In addition to the fight in Russia, we’re also working with our Japanese contacts to organize a New Year’s Eve event in Japan that Fedor would participate in as well. If all is successful, in 2012 we’ll be back in the U.S. All these ideas are being developed right now and we want to work exactly according to this plan.”

Of course The Russian show will be a M-1 Global production with Fedor headlining. I see 1 of 2 things happening with that show. 1. Fedor is given a can to crush. Given his 3 fight losing streak, an easy win might do something for his motivation. 2. Fedor is fed to one of M-1 Globals up and coming HW’s. There are a couple of standouts in the M-1 HW division, a win over Fedor would catapult them to stardom in Russia and possibly Japan. I can’t be sure which is the most likely, if I knew how much either choice would net M-1 than the answer would be clear.

As for the NYE show, FieLDS Dynamite!! is the rumored promotion. In case you are unaware, New Years Eve is the Superbowl of MMA in Japan. The major promotions (there aren’t many left) put on shows independently or in conjunction (if we are lucky, they team up and give us some amazing fights) leading to incredible viewership numbers which in turn brings incredible advertising dollars. NYE shows in Japan tend to pay out big for any and all stars they choose to include in the spectacle that is JMMA. I love that spectacle by the way, I’m an avid Dream fan and longtime Pride Fanboy.

Fedor’s opponent could be anyone from the current freak-show fighter (Japanese promotions like to have at least 1 or 2 freak-show fighters for some reason) to, if we are truly blessed, Alistair Overeem. Or, if Josh Barnett hasn’t closed his contract up yet, he could possibly be an opponent (I am not sure if Barnett is still under his original StrikeForce contract, which would let him compete elsewhere). All of this is pure speculation, as no opponent has even been rumored yet.

All of this sounds spectacular, until you read this little tid bit from someone who might actually Fedor’s best interest at heart.

Fedor’s Coach from a Russian article (translation required):

“I think that at the end of August, we will understand whether Fedor will keep fighting more or not. Most of all, he needs to take a rest and recover. Further, he had a daughter, and he needs to spend some time with his family, think about everything and make a decision. He will relax, recover a bit and again will start training, or the opposite, will say that he has had enough, i.e. “this is enough for me”…But if he decides to continue, then he needs to prepare towards extremely serious work. And entire change his approach to training for fights.”

“The most important thing now is — return to the previous condition that Fedor had: strength, speed, and endurance, and for that he needs to work really hard. Fedor, he he wants to continue fighting, needs to sacrifice all else, and spend at least 6 months to 1 year for his preparation: lift his power, speed and endurance. To return to his previous condition, and after that show everyone what he can do — like he did earlier in his career” — thinks Voronov.

If you are keeping score, this is the same man who didn’t have much faith in Fedor’s ‘will to fight’ before the Hendo fight. Personally, I’d be OK if Fedor retired. He is a legend, a wealthy legend, a wealthy, young legend. What does he need to prove at this point? That he can continue to make M-1 Global money? I don’t think so. My days of wanting to see Fedor fight are long over,  his management (yes you M-1 Global) ruined any chances Fedor had of being the undisputed greatest. They systematically negotiated and re negotiated Fedor’s best fighting years out the window. When Fedor could have been fighting the best in the world after Pride folded. No, I’m not just talking about the UFC, there was StrikeForce, and several top 10 HW’s floating around the world he could have gone after and cemented his place as the GOAT. M-1 was jumping over dollars to grab handful’s of pennies, repeatedly. I firmly believe the sport passed Fedor by solely because of M-1.

In a perfect world, Fedor would fight a Russian can, win, then fight Alistair Overeem in Dream on NYE winning by spectacular KO in the last 35 seconds of round 2. Following his win, he would fire M-1 Global in Japanese, Russian, and English just to be absolutely clear. In a perfect world. Ah, F23K it, I’m gonna go watch some Pride reruns and drink to the glory of The Last Emperor!

That’s IT!
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