The Gladiator Speaks-10 years of loyalty…10 years of pain. Who would step to this!?

EDITORS note: We have an exclusive press release from The Gladiator, you know, the one who was unceremoniously let go this morning during the UFC on FOX press conference.
Today started out just about like any other. Like most people, I worry from time to time about my job. The market just isn’t really stable enough to support a guy who likes to wear leather armor as liberally as I do. Never mind the investment to re-registering my sword and shield.

Ten years. I’ve seen champions come and go. I was there when Tito Ortiz won the belt, and when he lost it. Half my career later, he would finally win another fight. That will always be a milestone. One of them, is remembering the conversation I had with Dana White about making sure I got my due time on the intros to the DVDs. You know how many takes it took to make raising the shield look natural!? Literally tens of times. And I made damn sure no one could skip past it!

Who would have thought, I could have been bested by a simple Fox? That’s right, after a decade of dawning armor and marching into the light…I was thrown away like so many bits of bloodied canvas.

Joe Rogan brought up the question today with the leaders of this Fox. With a crooked smile on one side of his face…he asked of my fate. Dana was quick to dismiss my services, too quick. Do you or anyone else you know have a NuMetal band that plays for you when you enter a room? Yeah, that is what I brought to the table. And for 10 years I didn’t change a thing about it.

So here I am, a victim of this relentless economy. Take nothing for granted…one minute you will be on top of the world, and next you will be begging for Bjorn Rebney’s scraps. I thought for a while about going to that promotion, what a perfect fit!

Then I realized I would just be victimized by Bellator eventually, so I will do what I have always done. Rub some sand into my hand, rise awkwardly from one knee…dawn my helmet then grasp my sword and shield.

Then sue their ass into the ground for using my likeness without my permission.

The Gladiator

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