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So this week was Mayhem Miller for assault and false imprisonment (we need more details) and ONE punch death by Rasul, now there is a conclusion to the sexual nonsense Mike Whitehead got himself into a while back. I too am strangely curious how Whitehead plead out to such a lesser charge when witnesses and possibly evidence were abundant? Then there is the growing operation he was never even charged with…did he roll? Regardless, this is a strange one no matter how you look at it. I remember a while back Whitehead’s friends at Xtreme Couture were saying it was a ‘shakedown attempt’ by these two women for money. If they file a civil case in the coming months, it might lend to weight to that argument. Either way, I wouldn’t want to be in Whitehead’s shoes anytime soon. We will update you when sentencing is passed down.


MMA veteran Mike Whitehead tapped out before heading into the biggest fight of his life inside a Clark County, NV courtroom yesterday. As reported by the Las Vegas Sun, prior to the start of his preliminary hearing, Whitehead and his attorney reached a deal with prosecutors that will see him plead guilty to one felony count of attempted sexual assault.

Those who have followed the case will note that the former TUF competitor was initially charged with doing far more than attempting a sexual assault. Whitehead was arrested for sexually assaulting a female friend following a bar-b-que at the fighter’s home in April of last year. Whitehead invited the victim and her friend to stay the night after they’d had too much to drink; once the pair had passed out in his bed, he allegedly removed the clothes of one of the women and began having sex with her while fondling the other female. The victim awoke and ordered him to stop, but he continued for several more minutes before sitting quietly in a chair next to the bed.

As part of the plea bargain, prosecutors will drop additional charges including sexual assault and open and gross lewdness. A search warrant served on Whitehead’s residence revealed a marijuana growing operation that boasted more than 40 plants. Strangely, charges for that crime were never filed. The decision to plea Whitehead out to lesser charges seems curious as well, given that in addition to the victim’s statement you have an eye witness to the crime who was also assaulted in the attack. The day after the assault, the victim received a text from “Iron Mike” which read, “Babe I’m really sorry about last night!! I’m very ashamed!”. Despite the double exclamation points, the heartfelt apology wasn’t enough to sway her from notifying the authorities.

Whitehead will be arraigned on September 12th. Should he pass a psycho-sexual report, the district attorney’s office will not weigh in on a sentence recommendation as part of the plea bargain.

Whitehead was a onetime contestant on UFC’s The Ultimate Fighter, he has fought for Strikeforce, the IFL and many other promotions. He was recently rumored as a possible opponent for the de throned Fedor.

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