The Knee Was Legal

Anderson Silva beat Chael Sonnen. Again.

It may have begun in the same manner as their first fight, but it sure ended differently.

The second round saw Silva land punches on Sonnen and when Sonnen attempted a spinning back fist and fell, Silva pounced, driving his knee into Sonnen’s chest.

Yes, his chest.

Believe me, at our viewing party, the room erupted when that strike landed. The angle wasn’t good, and it came after Silva had just spent a good while grabbing and pulling Sonnen’s shorts. Was that an illegal knee strike to a downed opponent?

It didn’t help that they only showed a couple of replays, and then didn’t show it again.

DVR replay showed that it landed clean, on Sonnen’s chest.

At the post-fight press conference, Dana White confirmed that it was legal, noting that the ref thought it was legal, the judges did as well, and that the UFC had reviewed it and it was legal. End of discussion.

But, of course, on the Internet, there’s no “end of discussion.” There are already blog posts and news stories calling the legality of the knee strike into question. But it should stop. It was a legal knee.