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Los Angeles, my home. The only other place I want to live is in Las Vegas, why you may ask, cause it’s Vegas Baby! Plus, it’s close enough to LA that I could drive over and surf, then drive home and have my fill of hookers and coke on the strip. The best of both world’s is what I’m saying. What’s that got to do with the title of this here article? Nothing, except that the LA Fitness Expo was here in my home town at the Staples Center a few weeks ago. I would have posted this article then, but I caught the ‘plague’ (read Chicken Pox) and have been under quarantine for the past few weeks. Sure, you’re saying “So you got a lil sick, why couldn’t you sit your sick a$$ in front of a computer and just type you lazy bum?” I have a great answer, cause I had the motherF23king plague! It covered my hands, palms, fingers, my freaking thumbs even! It was on my eyelids, in my mouth and covered my ears along with the rest of my body. I couldn’t wear my glasses, answer a phone, type or even play a bloody video game, it was the motherF23King plague I tell you! Today is the first day I feel almost human, almost. As it stands, I’m still exhausted, but I’m doing my best to get back into the thick of it. Over the week I will be posting the photos and videos from the event, starting with Sean Loefller’s interview today. I hope you all enjoy what I did for you, I caught the plague so you could look at hot chicks and listen to some interesting MMA fighters talk. Your welcome.

For those of you who didn’t go to the Fitness Expo, the photos will show you a little of what you missed. If you thought it was only muscle heads and sexy women, or manly muscular women, you are dead wrong. This year a concerted effort to include MMA and BJJ was put forth. With the Gracie Worlds/Kids Worlds going on, the supplement and MMA companies there with many well known MMA personalities in attendance and the location, it was every MMA fans dream come true. Wanna talk to Don Frye? Just walk up, since most of the attendee’s didn’t know who any of the MMA stars were, they were left mostly unbothered, willing to sign, talk and be friendly with any and everyone. It was a perfect atmosphere for the new and hardcore fan to get some face time with your favorite or your new favorite MMA personality.

The event was medium in size, well laid out and easy to navigate. The event’s were placed strategically throughout the hall making it easy to hone in on exactly what interested you. In my case it was anything MMA related. The event was well received and I expect next year to be much larger with a deeper MMA influx of personalities and fans, still, it’s just under the radar enough that fans will be able to get unprecedented access to some of their favorites. If you love MMA, and if your reading this site, you do, then make sure to get to the LA Fitness Expo next year, it will be worth it, plus it’s cheap to get in, I think it was only $20.00!

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