The Last Emperor speaks

Damn, damn, damn, damn. This is so late, I swear I published this one days ago. Looks like the Sailor Jerry has been working overtime. Well without any further adiu.

Fedor gave an interview sometime in the beginning of July, he spoke about Hendo, his recent losses and God. He spoke about God several times, it appears Fedor’s fight carrer isn’t totally lead by M-1 and the Russian Mob the team of Eugene Kogan and Vadim Finkelstein the greediest managers in MMA. His spiritual advisor is part of all his fight decisions. Apparently the Mob God feels Fedor should keep competing at HW.

Fedor discusses his previous statement about retirement after his loss to Silva.

“Yes, maybe, it’s the last time. Maybe it’s high time. Thanks for everything. I spent a great beautiful long sport life. Maybe it’s God’s will,”

Citing ‘the moment’ as the reason for his initial statement (echoing a statement from one of my favorite TV shows ‘Life’).

“I did speak of retiring and it was said in haste, After returning home, I discussed the situation with my coaches and spiritual father.”
“We will look at the circumstances after and evaluate then.”

Although a ‘a re-evaluation’ may take place after the Hendo bout. What the hell does that mean? Who is guiding this mans career? I’m more confused about Fedor than I was before, every thing about this guy screams ‘Cold War’ Russia. Remember the Russian Olympians during the Cold War, eerily similar don’t you think?

Once again we are made painfully aware of Fedor’s humble attitude. Also from

“I am human like everyone else. I don’t consider my achievements as a ‘legacy.’ I’ve never considered myself as a ‘legend’ – just a simple man with heart,” Emelianenko stated. “I have been blessed to have competed with success. MMA is a sport and any time you compete one person will win and one person will not. All I can do is prepare my best and everything else is God’s will.”

There he goes again ‘it’s the Mob’s will’ ‘God’s will’. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not his spirituality I question, nor his beliefs, its the people he is relying on for his guidance. I can’t help but wonder how much money M-1 Global donates to Fedor’s church. If maybe some heavily tattooed persons in late model Mercedes make stops by Fedor’s spiritual advisor with ‘suggestions’ on how he may want to answer certain questions put to him by Fedor.

I understand a fighters reluctance to make changes, for instance, moving from HW to LHW. This is a huge change. However, after his last 3 fights, I believe a good manager and coach would discuss the option with said fighter, helping them see the benefits, both short term and long term. I do not believe anything of the sort has happened in Fedor’s camp. Fedor has always been small for HW, now he is much smaller, why not move down in weight, trim some fat, gain some strength and possibly dominate a division again? Because HW’s make more $ traditionally. The HW division has always been the Prestige/Premiere division in Boxing, the same rings true for MMA. The ‘Big Men’ make the big bucks. To the casual fan, only HW’s matter. That’s where the big KO’s come from, thus the PPV buy rates are higher, the pay rates are higher and the fan recognition is higher. That is why I believe Fedor’s handlers ‘team’ ( I use that term loosely) have not helped their fighter make an educated decision, also the reason he only now has left Mother Russia to ‘expand’ his training. I’ve often wondered why his training camps are in a remote part of the Russian wilderness. No phone? Electricity? Internet? Running water? I am not sure, I am sure of 1 thing, Eugene Kogan and Vadim Finkelstein are there.

That’s it!
Anthony Dominguez
comedian.writer.lover…Editor in Chief