The MMA SpeakEasy: First Edition

Welcome to the MMA Speakeasy, pull up a chair and have a drink. Today, it’s on the house.

The Speakeasy is a weekly column and eventually an accompanying podcast, which gathers together what we find interesting in the world of MMA. It’s a quick rundown of several ‘stories’ or ‘topics’ from our lovely MMA world we encourage everyone to join in and comment in the comments section. So, sit back, grab a cold beverage, get your keyboard ready and enjoy, The MMA Speakeasy is open for business.

First up is BigFoot Silva, he’s a called a ‘fan favorite’, I think that term is being used liberally here. Silva is in the process of recovering from shoulder surgery and his last KO loss to Daniel Cormier, it’s interesting to note that Silva points out that 2 fighters from AKA knocked him down and 1 KO’ed him. DO you think Silva is a top 10 HW? I’ve always been suspect of him. His size is a disadvantage in my opinion, but I’m also about as tall as the tattoo on his back, I’m not saying I’m as tall as the placement, I’m saying I’m as tall as the tattoo itself. So maybe my ‘short man’s complex’ is kicking in here. Who do you think he should fight next?

Take a shot, I am.

Marloes Coenan is making her return to the cage for Invicta FC this upcoming April. I guess her ‘big signing’ with Blackeye Promotions wasn’t so ‘big’ after all. An all Female Promotion sounds good in theory, but, and I say, but…is there enough ‘quality’ talent to warrant such a promotion? I said ‘quality’ as we know there is enough women interested in MMA to fill a card, but is there enough ‘quality’ talent to fill a card? Coenan is a good choice, as she’s well known,but…I keep saying But…

Time for another shot (Editors note- I do actually take shots of Sailor Jerry Rum and Cojones Energy Drink while I’m writing these)

K-1, remember them? How could you not? Well Bas Boon of Golden Glory Fame (they are the ex managers currently suing Overeem) is blasting K-1 and it’s curent owner, ‘Mr. Kim’. That name alone sounds ominous, coupled with the fact that he is a suspected Yakuza member, mix in some death threats, a couple of beatings (apparently the old K-1 boss got beat up a few times in the past few months by ‘creditors) and Bas Boons pending legal wrangling…mix well, add heat and presto you have the Pride scandal all over again What a yummy meal just in time for UFC 144 in Japan! I’m not a fan of Golden Glory for the most part, mostly because I’m an ignorant American and I can’t understand their business practices, so I just hate instead of understanding. That’s not entirely true.

Rani Yahya is movin down to Bantamweight. I don’t know if that’s the best move for him. If he thinks it’s gonna be an ‘easy division’ then he’s gonna get a rude awaking. Either way, the more fighter’s with Rani’s skill set, the better the division will be.

Remember Stipe Miocic? He had a great KO victory recently, well he’s talking about how he learned a lesson, the lesson…don’t let HW’s hit you first. No sh!t. Let’s hope Stipe remembers this lesson.

It’s shot time, again. Making it a double this time.

Mayhem Miller is back. Yup, after his atrocious performance against Bisping, one we thought was gonna end his UFC career, the higher ups gave him a last chance against C.B. Dolloway. I like Mayhem, but unless he puts on a show or wins, I think he’s gone.

Well, that concludes this issue of The MMA SpeakEasy. I’m thouroughly drunk, it took about 45 minutes to write the last 3 sentences. Time to pass out till next time. The MMA SpeakEasy is closed, you don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here.

That’s It!
Anthony Dominguez
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