Yet another Zuffa contracted fighter tested positive for PED’s…It was announced yesterday that “King” Mo Lawal tested positive for Drostanalone by several media outlets.  It was also announced that Zuffa has now instituted what is basically a pre-employment drug test.  This doesn’t solve the problem of fighters cheating, even though King Mo denies cheating at all.  What NEEDS to happen to clean up MMA is that the athletic commissions ALL need to implement what I would call “under contract random drug testing”.  Basically, if you’re a fighter and under contract with ANY MMA organization, you will subjected to random drug testing whenever the AC’s dern well please.

King Mo denies cheating, Cyborg blames it on over-the-counter supplements, and the UFC is TRYING to “help” clean up the sport.  However, fighters will always be able to find ways to avoid getting “popped” when they KNOW they are going to be tested.  What are your thoughts on the PED issue in MMA?  More and more fighters are getting popped these days, and the problem seems to be growing NOT shrinking.  PED’s in sports has never really bothered me, but in MMA when your objective is to KO or make your opponent quit, it is very dangerous.  It’s laughable to me that the federal government got involved with the PED issue in baseball, but there are no real questions about the issue when it comes to the NFL.  Are we just supposed to believe that all these men just grew that large naturally?  We’re not supposed to notice that 275lbs middle linebackers can now run 4.4 40′s, bench 225 50 times, and have 40 inch verticals?  The NFL just has a great PR department and laxed testing.  MMA needs to be cleaned up before some ‘roided out maniac really hurts someone.