The Super FIght League is here! FullFight Card & Predictions

I have hight hopes for this card. The money behind it is real, as real as it gets. These people are on another level of rich, they make the Fertita’s look poor is what I’m saying. Which leads me to believe they want to get richer, which means they want to put on a good show, make money, rinse and repeat. The population of India is staggering in it’s size. If just a tiny fraction buys tickets/ppv’s/merchandise etc. etc. the profits will be huge. It’s a good move, and it will pave the way for more established MMA promotions to host shows there, all good things. The problem comes when Bob Sapp is involved. Bob Sapp has become a cancer on the industries nut sack. We have a standing rule about not bashing fighters on this site. I will say right now, I’m not breaking this rule, because Bob Sapp hasn’t been an MMA fighter in several years. The things he’s done in the cage/ring have been detrimental to the sport as a whole. He has actually laid down in the ring and waited for the ref to stop the fight, then protested said stoppage. The man is only after a paycheck, one he could easily earn by competing full time in Japan’s Pro Wrestling Circuit. It pays well, is full of current and past MMA legends and is a respectable way to make a living, yet he chooses to take dives in MMA instead. I say, screw him. I hope he doesn’t ruin this event and sour India on MMA.
Below are my predictions, and as most of the fighters don’t have much info available about them, I chose a different way to make my pics. As usual, mine are in green. Ranters, leave your pics in the comments section. How do you think this event will turn out?
Main Card
  • Middleweight bout: France Xavier Foupa-Pokam vs. United States Joey Guel
    Xavier Foupa-Pokam. Has the better name 
  • Heavyweight bout: India Satish Jha vs. United States Jimmy Ambriz
    Jimmy Ambriz. Why not?
  • Lightweight bout: India Lakwinder Sekhon vs. Sri Lanka Madura Rathnayake
    Madura Rathnayake. He reminds me of Snake Pliskin. 
  • Welterweight bout: India Mohd Shahid vs. Sri Lanka Mayura Dissanayake
    Mohd Shahid. Say it fast, it sounds like Mo’adib. The main motherF23Ker’s tribe name from Dune, that was a bad man.  
  • Featherweight bout: India Chaitanya Gavali vs. Sri Lanka Tiran Thakshala
    Chaitanya Gavali. I dated a girl named Chatanya once. It’s a reason.  
  • Light Heavyweight bout: India Neil Natasadu vs. United States Travis Bell
    Neil Natsadu. His first name is Neil. I had to.  
  • Women’s 115lbs bout: Ukraine Lena Ovchynnikova vs. Serbia Sanja Sucevic
    They are both hot, but Lena Ovchynnikova is 8-0, sexy and bad! 
  • Heavyweight bout: United States Bob Sapp vs. England James Thompson
    James Thompson and Bob Sapp are only there to collect a paycheck. Thompson knows Bob will pull his usual rush and swing, then lay down and wait for the ref to stop the fight nonsense, and Bob Sapp knows James will put some bombs on him, so it’s business as usual. Bob gets the fat check and no damage, and James Thompson pads his record and adds a few dollars to his account. James Thompson by sadness TKO/KO.

That’s It!
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