The WSOF has arrived

The World Series of Fighting gave us a taste of what it has to offer, sorta. The Main event and Co Main event were no better than WWE squash matches. Sure Arlovski and Johnson ‘got over’ but at what expense? I like a good KO as much as the next guy, DJ Linderman looked like a corpse being dropped onto the canvas, it was spectacular…for everybody but DJ. Arlovski looked slow, sloppy and dare I say it? Heavy.

The broadcasters kept calling the fights as if Andre and AJ where at their top form facing top flight opponents, they weren’t, in either respect. They looked much better than they actually were because their opponents were so below their level. Granted, AJ looked substantially faster than he did in his last Titan FC fight (for those not in the know, RFA bought Titan FC), how did you think Gerald Harris and Miguel Torres looked?

Tyrone Spong looked good, he’s the only fighter that deserved a can, it wa
s his first MMA fight. Torres looked weary, those wars and many, many, many unsanctioned bouts he fought have/are catching up with him, sure, he can still hang with anybody, but should he? His opponent looked fantastic against the veteran. I won’t even get into Harris.

Did this squash show do enough in the ratings, bring in the casual fan and convince NBC to pick them up for 7-9 more shows? We should know by Monday, I think it did, but for 4-5 shows.

I also wonder how the UFC felt about all of their fighters being prminently featured in the audience, as if they sanctioned this event…wonder how the RFA feels.

Rumble young man Rumble