There’s a lot not to like about Mark Pavelich

This isn’t one of those things. It was announced that MFC has let UFC vet Drew Fickett go after his 2nd consecutive loss.

In a Press Release MFC CEO/President Mark Pavelich had this to say:

“Drew had the consent of the MFC to fight in Japan, but he and his management were expressly told that if he lost badly again he would be released, and therefore Drew has been released, I will not have guys coming and going from the MFC and thinking what they do in other organizations won’t have an effect on where they stand in the Maximum Fighting Championship. I have a lot of respect for Drew especially in the way he turned his life around and I wish him the best of luck in his future.”

I am always a little pensive when it comes to Mark Pavelich, yes he’s a promoter, and the MFC is a solid promotion with solid fights/fighters. Yet, he crosses a line a little too often for my tastes. With that said, I believe we need the Mark Pavelich’s and Dana White’s to offset the Scott Coker’s and Bjorn Rebney’s. In this particular case, I’m wholly onboard with his sentiments.

If a promotion allows a fighter under contract to fight in other promotions, they must win those fights to stay in the original promotion. In my eyes, you are representing that original promotion everytime you step into a cage outside of your contract. It reflects badly. No promotion should put up with that. If you fight for MFC and you lose 2 in Dream, gone. If you fight in King of the Cage and you lose two in Shooto, gone! As a fighter, you should win if you step out of your home promotion. Bringing that glory back to them. It has been written, it shall be so!

That’s it!
Anthony Dominguez
comedian.writer.lover…Editor in Chief.