They fought through that? Damn son!

UFC fighters, hell, MMA fighters in general are pretty tough individuals. Take Urijah Faber and Anthony Njokuani for example, they both fought recently and fought with excruciating pain.

Anthony had a broken hand, with a bad ligament/tendon and you can see by the picture below, it’s a mess. He fought 3 hard rounds with that, damn son. It happend in the first and you can plainly hear him tell One Kick Nick (his coach, and all around Badass) that it was broke. Nick’s response, ‘Good, now you can use your left.’ And guess what, Anthony did just that for the next 2 rounds.

Last Saturday Urijah Faber fought a losing battle agains Renan Barao for the BW Interim Championship, with a broken rib. Renan Barao broke Faber’s rib in the first round with a solid knee. For 5 rounds Urijah Faber danced, zigged, jabbed, and zagged with a completely broken rib! This isn’t the first time Faber has fought through a crazy injury, in his second fight with Mike Brown, Faber broke both of his hands and still managed to land more strikes using his elbows for 3 rounds. The man is a warrior, a real warrior.

On the same card as Njokuani, James Te Huna fought Joey Beltran. James broke his foot and fractured his elbow in the first round, and still took it to the always dangerous Beltran.

Love a fighter or hate a fighter, you have to give them respect for their warrior spirit!

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Anthony Domingeuz
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