Think Renan Barao has asome fans?

Renan Barao defeated Urijah Faber a at UFC 149, it was a good technical fight that saw Renan break Urijah’s rib in the opening minutes, which makes the fact that it went 5 rounds pretty awesome and awe inspiring. Faber is a beast and a true warrior. Renan Barao won that fight clearly, Faber agrees, and with the victory comes the spoils. Besides owning  the interim belt Renan received a heroes welcome in Brazil, reminiscent of the way Anderson Silva and Jose Aldo are received. Think about that, the 185lb, 145lb and now the 135lb belts reside in Brazil. If Shogun gets through Vera in spectacular fashion or Machida gets through Bader in a similar way, then either one beats Jones, there would be 4 belts in Brazil, it could happen. WOW.

Check out Renan as he basks in the glory of his win with his countrymen, and some sexay ass women. There’s no women in the video, but it’s Brazil, you know they are outside just looking hot and waiting.

Rumble young man Rumble