Think Vitor Belfort Can’t Beat Jon Jones? Think Again.

Vitor Belfort is the man. He’s been fighting MMA longer than Jon Jones has been interested in girls. Belfort has seen everything.

You think Belfort is intimidated by Jones’ unorthodox style? The man fought Anderson Silva. No one has a mystique he can’t see through.

Jon Jones is a young lion, but is he hungry? Vitor Belfort is a hungry lion.

Lyoto Machida and Rashad Evans both showed that Jones can be hit. Jones can be hurt. Belfort can get to Jones. Belfort can touch him.

Watch Jones lose his will when Belfort does. He’s never really been tested. Sure, Jones has been in some fights, but no one has really taken it to him. Belfort can.

Jones has shown that in spite of all the talk, at this moment in his career, Jones is a petty person. And petty people don’t like to be challenged. They lose their sh!t.

Vitor Belfort is an underdog for a reason. Once dominant, Belfort of late has shown flashes of his former self but one of his greatest strengths, his longevity, is also possibly his greatest weakness: he may know something’s coming, but can he make his body get out of the way? Can he pounce and capitalize on opportunities that present themselves? I believe he can.

The UFC matchmakers aren’t idiots. They know a mismatch disappoints fans, and after the cancellation of UFC 151 and all of the drama that ensued, they must believe in Belfort. They must feel this is not a mismatch.

Belfort is training with Evans and the Blackzillians. He’s switched things up and this can only be a good thing for him. He is motivated.

Can Jones beat Belfort? Absolutely. But don’t think the opposite can’t happen.

— Jimmy