This just seems durty to me

So, this is kind of a durty play.

War Machine is scheduled to face Roger Huerta for his second bout after being released from 1 year in jail. The fight is gonna be at 170, a new weight division for Roger Huerta, who has spent most of his career at 155. He’s gone 1-5 in his last 6 fights, moving up in weight classes is a gamble he hopes will turn his career around. Great plan, if it works out for him.

Tiger Muay Thai is ready to throw a wrench in that plan. Read the below exchange.

From Twitter:

@tigermuaythaito @warmachine170
do u have an email we can reach u at. #Huerta spent the last year training @tigermuaythai we would love to help u get ready
8 hours ago

@warmachine170 to @tigermuaythai
if he trained with you guys for a year why would u wanna help me beat him?

@tigermuaythaito @warmachine170
Facebook @rayelbe if u wanna hear the story

@rayelbe to @tigermuaythaiand @warmachine170
owww…is this fight going down?!

Nice huh? Tiger Muay Thai is actively looking to train Roger Huerta’s opponent, they even point out that he trained with them for 12 months almost exclusively. I would guess they are privy to Roger’s training system, his strengths and weaknesses. A pretty shady move to say the least, especially since they published a blog detailing the reasons for Huerta’s absence from Tiger Muay Thai. In this blog (located here) they make a point of stating there is no ill will, and they wish Huerta luck in his coming bouts as well as his future business ventures. One of which is opening a competing Muay Thai gym sometime in the future.

War Machine seems genuinely confused by Tiger Muay Thai’s contact and offer. As would I be. I wouldn’t hold it against War Machine if he took up the offer, I would hold it against Tiger Muay Thai, actions like these can’t instill confidence in their students, past present or future.

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