UPDATE: Tim Sylvia Wants Lesner, Overeem, Mir…

Sometimes it takes a while to digest something that you see and/or hear. Sometimes your first reaction isn’t your true reaction. Sometimes reacting from your gut is the wrong thing to do.

I’ll admit: When I first heard that Tim Sylvia, coming off his decision win at Pro Elite 2, wanted back in the UFC to fight Alistair Overeem, Frank Mir and/or Brock Lesnar, I had a gut reaction: big ole belly laugh.

Tim Sylvia? Really?


But my next reaction was, of course he’d want to be back in the UFC. Every fighter who’s any good wants to be in the UFC. Hell, every fighter with a mortgage wants to be in the UFC!

So while I applauded his ambition, I was still skeptical…

And you know what? I’ve decided I’d like to see Tim Sylvia return to the UFC.

Did you know that Tim just got his purple belt in BJJ on Halloween 2011?!

Sure, he’s had a lot of mileage during his career, and heavyweights especially tend to wear down the fastest, but looking at his history, you’ll find that Sylvia’s had almost as many fights re-scheduled or canceled than he’s had total fights! (Don’t question my logic when I’m on a rant!)

Still, he is coming off of a win at Pro Elite and is obviously still growing and learning in the martial arts… so I say, let’s reward ambition: let’s see what he can do back in the UFC!

How about Tim Sylvia vs. Matt Mitrione? It might be a lesson in humility for both fighters!


UPDATE: Neil Grove (@goliathgrove) has contacted us via Twitter and had an even better idea: He’ll take on Sylvia. So here’s my suggestion: Let’s bring in Neil Grove to face Tim Sylvia: winner gets UFC contract… Now, there’s some motivation…