Tim Sylvia’s jazzercise

Tim Sylvia is doing things right, until now. He’s connecting with the fans, he’s become ‘the everyman’ the real ‘people’s champ’ if you will. He’s David against The Goliath that is the UFC and Dana White. Does he deserve a chance to compete there again? I don’t think so, not a the moment at least. Get 1-2 more quality wins and I think he should get his shot. Put him in against Mark Hunt or one of the newcomers, Dave Herman perhaps? In any event, the man was the HW Champ, but this workout video doesn’t do much to help his cause. He’s not explosive, he’s slow, he looks heavy (even for a heavyweight) etc. etc. This isn’t an attack on Tim, I’m all for him getting another chance, I’ve been turned by his pleas, I now officially like the guy. I’ve even gone back and watched his previous UFC fights, I’ll give the man credit where it’s due, he won and defended the UFC HW belt multiple times, that’s an accomplishment no matter how ‘weak’ the division was considered. If Tito get’s 200 chances why not 1 for Tim? He’s but a fan base that will propel the PPV numbers for at least 1 show…Okay friends, your turn Rant in the comments section, what do you think?

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Anthony Dominguez
comedian.writer.lover…Editor in Chief

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