Titan FIghting Championships 21 : Santiago vs. Pecanha Full Fight card and Predictions

Titan Fighting Championships is outta Texas, you know what they say about texas, so I don’t have to tell you here. Below is the full fight card and predictions. As always our predictions are in green, leave yours in the comments section. Enjoy.

Main Card

  • Leonardo Pecanha vs. Jorge Santiago

    Jorge Santioago was the King of WVR/Sengoku racking up an inpressive record, unfortunatly he couldn’t duplicate that succes in this 2 UFC fights, one ending in TKO by Bran Stan. I think a 3rd fight in the UFC was warranted, but I don’t run the promotion. Pecanha is a solid matchup for him, a Dominant win here for Santiago will go a long way towards getting back on the big shows.  My pick is Pecanha by TKO/KO, I love an underdog. 
  • Andrew Carrillo vs. Joe Wilk
     Andrew Carillo, he has more L’s in his last name. 
  • Joe Ellenberger vs. Jesse Zeugin
    Jesse Zeugin, Zeugin is a righteous name. 
  • Anthony Gutierrez vs. Brandon Pfannenstiel
    Anthony Gutierrez casue I can’t pronounce the other guys name. 
  • Kevin Croom vs. Ramiro Hernandez
    Ramiro Hernandez, gotta support la raza.
  • Mirsad Bektic vs. Cody Carrillo
    Mirsad Bektic, with that name, he deserves every win he can get. 

Amateur Fights

  • Darrick Minner vs. Cody Peterson
    Cody Peterson, a Cody deserves a win on this card. 
  • Johnathon Ford vs. Seth Snodgrass
    Seth Snodgrass, it’s so regal and uppity sounding, but I’m sure he’s a down to earth guy who’s gonna win. 
  • Emery McReynolds vs. Issac Enriquez
    Issac Enriquez, keeping it real for la raza. 

That’s It!
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