Tito, TIto, Tito!

It’s been a long road for one man, not the next somebody, the first Tito Ortiz. An apt saying on Tito’s post fight shirt. Tito was the Cinderella story of UFC 132, winning in spectacular fashion by a submission set up by a devastating punch; which Ryan Bader later admitted had knocked him out. Tito not only topped the headlines with his first win in 5 years (also in 5 bouts, I just realized Tito only fought 1x per year for the last 5 years), he also topped the event with the biggest UFC payout of the night. Not including his SOTN bonus.

From MMA Junkie.com

“Main card fighters and MMA legends Tito Ortiz and Wanderlei Silva were the top earners at this past weekend’s UFC 132 event. Both competitors earned disclosed flat-rate paydays. Ortiz netted $450,000 for his upset victory over Ryan Bader, and Silva scored $200,000 in a disappointing first-round loss to Chris Leben. The two fighters combined to secure 50.9 percent of the $1,277,000 total disclosed payroll for the event.”

Not a bad nights work, he not only kept his job, he raked in a huge payday and more fans than he started the night with. The new ‘band wagon’ Tito fans will undoubtedly give Tito the opportunity for an even larger payday in his next bout. Which leads us to the next question.

‘Who does Tito fight next?’
Tito has stated he wants to avenge his recent losses, namely Forrest Griffin, Machida, and Evans (a controversial draw due to a point deduction against Tito for holding the fence) before moving into title contention. I am only interested in Machida or Evans, however both are in the title picture. A location Tito is not, and should not be based upon 1 win in 5 years. The alternative argument says Ortiz has just bested the man who was beaten by Bones Jones (the current LH champ, in a fight which went a few rounds longer than Tito’s), using MMA math it puts him in line for a title shot.

Is Tito competitive enough to win back the LH title? There is a distinct possibility he is. What’s your take?

That’s IT!

Anthony Dominguez
comedian.writer.lover…Editor in Chief.