Tito’s Last Stand… and Slight?

OK, everyone knows by now that Tito Ortiz, UFC living legend, is about to enter The Octagon™ to fight for the last time when he faces off against Forrest Griffin in the co-main event at UFC 148. After the fight, Dana White will officially enshrine Tito into the UFC Hall of Fame, Tito will say a few words and that will be it. Career done.

Leaving me with one question: why is he being inducted after the fight, as opposed to other fighters, who have been inducted at events after their last bout, when they’ve been given a chance to, you know, heal up a bit. What if he suffers an injury that leaves him unable to make an acceptance speech? We all know Griffin, when he’s focused on fighting can make any bout a war.

Not to mention the pressure Ortiz will already be under, knowing it’s his last fight… and now he’s gotta prepare a speech, too?

Ortiz and Dana have gone back and forth over the years… so it’s a foregone conclusion that Tito won’t be given that Zuffa desk job like Chuck Liddell got…

I have swung the gamut from loving Tito Ortiz to actively disliking him to hoping he’d retire before he took more damage…

I think, no matter how you feel about Tito personally, the guy achieved great things in The Octagon™ and deserves a certain level of respect.

Probably more than he’s getting from Zuffa.