TRT for Rampage…who else?

Rampage recently admitted to using TRT (testosterone replacement therapy or legal steroids for the rest of us) prior to his overweight, losing effort agains Ryan Bader in Japan. He said he used it to heal his injured knee. He also said it made him feel 25 again, whoa, what? Yeah, 25 again, how does something that gives a man with the mileage Rampage has, the feeling of a 25 year old? That sounds kinda iffy in the scheme of performance enhancement. Yet, it’s not at all. It’s all legal, sanctioned by the athletic commissions and prescribed by a doctor. Meaning, Rampage did nothing illegal, didn’t cheat (according to the rules as they stand) and followed all of the rules currently in place. I’m kinda bothered by this, not that he used it to heal up, or that he used it at all. I’m disturbed by the possibility of 100’s of MMA athletes using TRT and not revealing it publicly. I feel it’s a legal form of cheating, but I wouldn’t stay away from it if I was an athlete, I’d use every allowed advantage I could.

Which leads me to ask, who else is on TRT? When will TRT be banned? How did this loophole come about? If you know the answers, fill me in, please. At what point does this form of therapy become a PED? I’m curious to hear what all you Ranters think.

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Anthony Dominguez
comedian.writer.lover…Editor in Chief

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