Truck to Rogan: “Biggest Idiotic Move in the History of our Production Team”–Dana White

JR_RR_175_150x150In his post-fight interview, Joe Rogan, saying he was getting direction from the broadcast truck, asked a victorious Ronda Rousey about fighting on the August UFC 176 card that just had the main event pulled because of injury.

Ronda responded that she was about to undergo knee surgery, but if she could fight then, she’d be game. In the post-fight presser, Rousey clarified that her right knee needed work (she said it was “totally stable” and that the ligaments were fine, but that there was “stuff floating around in there” that needed to be taken out) and added that a knuckle on her right hand would also need to be looked at.

Dana White was visibly pissed at this exchange and Rogan immediately apologized for asking the questions but said he was “glad he asked it.”

As the interview ended and the camera panned away from Rogan, White ranted angrily off-mic.

Asked about it at the post-fight press conference, UFC President Dana White said that it was “Biggest Idiotic Move in the History of our Production Team” and reiterated that he was in such a good mood over UFC 175’s impressive fights that he would deal with it on Monday and didn’t even want to think about it.

And can you blame him? Aside from the cancellation of the Struve-Mitrione fight, UFC 175 was an undisputed success. Plenty of time to deal with the August card on Monday.