TUF 14: Episode 10 Recap/Rant

Akira Tapped!

So far the numbers for the season are:
Episode 1: 1.5 million
Episode 2: 1.6 million
Episode 3: 1.3 million
Episode 4: 1.5 million (I expected higher with 2 fights on the episode)
Episode 5: 1.6  million (Akira tapped.)
Episode 6: 1.6  million
Episode 7: 1.6 (holding steady)
Episode 8: 1.4 million
Episode 9: 1.4 million (for the semis?)
Episode 10: 1.7 million viewers (that’s more like it)

TUF 14 is almost over. ALMOST. As of Saturday, the finals will be completed and we will have a new TUF winner, or is it 2 winners? Here we go, show opens with Dodson talking about Bedford watching him train, it’s a bit awkward from his point of view. Bedford doesn’t care about fighting against someone he trained with. A good question comes up. Who’s gonna corner who? Mayhem makes a good decision, he sits out, while each fighter picks which assistant coach he wants in his corner. Bedford talks about his strengths, Dodson rebukes. I have a feeling Bedford is in for a world of hurt. Dodson has a long reach, as he points out, plus he’s fast, and in this instance, his size is an advantage. Bedford just said “He’s throwing a million punches in a row, there’s no power on them.” Um, foreshadowing maybe? That’s just asking to get KO’d. Doesn’t anyone remember a guy named Nick Diaz? Or a Similiar quote from one Paul ‘I can never make weight’ Daley?

Keith ‘Mr Hollywood’ Kizer brings both fighters in for weigh in’s. Both fighters make weight, no surprise here. Some quick clips of the fighters the night before the fight. Dodson tells Team Bisping he’s gonna KO Bedford. Not a lot of filler in this episode. We move quickly to the fight.

John Dodson 11-5-0  vs. John Bedford 17-9-1. Bedford has a 7″ height and 6″ reach advantage over Dodson. The first round begins, both fighters feeling the other out. A quick exchange, neither fighter has the advantage yet. John looks a little stiff. He lands a nice overhand on Dodson’s chin, then Dodson stuffs a takedown. Dodson is fluid, and fast, no surprise. When they get in close, Dodson lands several shots to the body, head, legs, everywhere. Dodson is constantly moving, circling left, then right. Bedford is stalking, he tries for the takedown, it gets stuffed, he lands a nice knee. Dodson responds with a knee of his own. Bedford’s corner says Dodson is slowing down, nice of them to lie to Bedford. Bedford is bloodied, Dodson is landing the better shots, Bedford trys for the clinch, throwing knees, Dodson defends well. Dodson throws a punch, Bedford ducks under and gets the takedown, for a millisecond. Dodson is up. Dodson is going body, head on a regular basis. He is consistently landing the better shots, Bedford’s chin isn’t tucked, where as Dodson keeps his tucked into his shoulder, negating some of Bedford’s power. Bedford with a kick, Dodson catches it, trips, and follows it up with a kick to the gut while still holding Bedford’s leg. The round comes to a close. I score it 10-9 Dodson.

Round 2 begins in as round 1 ended. Dodson getting the better of the exchanges, Bedford looks a little tired, he catches Dodson’s kick, almost gets a takedown. Lands a few punches, Dodson recovers spins out and they reset in the center of the cage. Dodson is good at circling, Bedford with a nice flurry, not much damage tho. Dodson is pressuring a bit more this round, Bedford comes in, Dodson catches him clean on the chin, Bedford is down and out, Dodson follows up with 1,2,3,4,5,6, hammer fists till the ref gets there to stop the fight. The ref just couldn’t move in quick enough, Dodson is lighting fast. We see the replay, it was a solid punch, the key in my opinion was Bedford not protecting his chin. Dodson moves onto the finals to face….T.J. We will see.

The second fight is up next. Diego vs. Bryan. Diego is a monster, a true BEAST. Caraway’s mental game is presented. Diego is shown in a solid mental state. His devotion to his family and God seems to give him most of his mental strength. Mayhem tries to give Bryan some advice on the mental side, it doesn’t look like it helps at all. Bryan is a skilled fighter, yet his mental game is suspect. We see some of Bryan’s training, they are focusing heavily on his mental strength, foreshadowing?

Both fighters make weight. The fighters in the house weigh in on who they think has the advantage. Bisping goads Mayhem into betting $100 on the fight. I have a feeling Bisping just upped his winnings to $10,100. We are shown the night before the fights, Mayhem shows up on a bicycle in only his underroos. He jumps the bike into the pool and they begin a bicycle pool jumping contest, followed by beer pong. Everyone is getting along well, having a good time. Diego is shown, he talks to to Team Bisping about his goals. The angel’s have told him he will win. He want’s to buy his mom a house and take care of his family and friends back in Brazil. This kid is motivated, hungry and determined. He’s a little upset by the party, as is Bryan. Makes sense, they have the pressure while the rest of the house is free to do whatever at this point.

IT’s fight time once again. For some reason the subtitle Diego’s comments, exactly as he says them, it’s a bit confusing since he doesn’t have the best english. It’s easier to understand him without the subtitles. Bryan Caraway 15-5 vs. Diego Brandao 13-7. Diego has a 1″ reach advantage while Bryan has a 1″ height advantage. All in all they seem equal on paper, on paper only. The fight begins, Diego comes out fast, throws a kick, a punch, Bryan goes for the takedown, Diego defends. They tie up, both landing knees, Diego gets the better of the exchange. Bryan throws a looping overhand right, not a good idea against DIego. Diego lands leg kick, it spins Bryan completely around. Bryan has his chin right out there, not protecting gat all.  Diego is stalking, pushing forward, everything he throws is for the KO. Bryan lands a nice shot, eats a leg kick for his trouble. Diego responds, misses, Bryan goes for the takedown, Diego avoids, Bryan eats a few, Diego is throwing without caution now, he’s not concerned about any of the tools Bryan has in his arsenal. Diego lands a flying knee, Bryan goes down, Diego follows, he pressures Bryan, landing shot after shot, after shot. It looks like it’s over, the Ref is right there, Bryan digs deep and gets back to his feet, Diego continues the pressure still landing at will. Everywhere Bryan turns, he gets caught. Diego is relentless, just relentless. I can’t believe Bryan survived the onslaught on the ground. Diego lands a kick, then an overhand, Bryan is down again, he’s eating punches, he gets up, the ref is right there. Diego lands a flying knee, keeps the pressure, landing from every angle, Bryan is still standing, he’s trying to defend, block, run, anything to survive. Bryan’s on his back, Diego lands a huge right from up top, Bryan is out. Diego wins by KO. The ref was right there, no additional shots needed. It’s gonna be Dennis vs. Diego. I’m looking forward to this fight.

Bryan Caraway has heart, his mental game is not as bad as we were led to believe. He never gave up, that says something about him. Expect to see him in the UFC for at least 2 fights. We get Dana White talking about the season, the upcoming finale etc. etc.

The COaches face off for pics. Bisping and Mayhem go forehead to forehead, Dana has to separate them. There is no love between these two. I can’t wait for this card! The show ends with a recap of the upcoming Finale fights. That’s it for this season, Saturday Dec. 3rd we will see the conclusion to the best season in quite some time.

Worst thing to say before a fight:
“He’s throwing a million punches in a row, there’s no power on them.”  – Bedford, right before his 2nd round KO loss.

Best Qoute from Contestant:
“Your’e not gonna get me dog, you know why? I’m awesome, your not.” Dodson before his KO victory over Bedoford.

“He looked a like a monkey opening up a coconut when he was hammer fisting Bedford’s head.” Louis Gaudinot referring to Dodson’s win. Not the thing I would say about a black guy. Just saying.
“Dodson’ KO’d Bedford all the way back to Ohio.”- Louis Gaudinto referring to Bedford’s answer when the Dr. asked if he knew where he was and he answered ‘Ohio’.

Bisping’s Best Quote:
“Go find another little TV show to present…(followed by something unintelligible).”-Facing off with Mayhem

Mayhem’s Best Quotes:
“Bryan Caraway, I love him, but he’s bananas.” -Do I really need to explain this one?
“Subtitle that”- Referring to Bisping’s unintelligible rambling during the face off.

That’s it!
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