TUF 14 episode 3 recap/review/rant

So far the numbers for the season are:
Episode 1: 1.5 million
Episode 2: 1.6 million

TUF 14 episode 3 begins with Mayhem squealing into the the parking lot, his Dodge Charger is taking a beating, hope it’s a rental. Mayhem opened the show with a little fun and games with his team. The obligatory montage of fighters saying how great a coach Mayhem is. Is this foreshadowing or a build up for a big fall later in the season? In previous seasons there has been a huge disparity in the coaching styles, one coach turns out to be stellar and the other ends up being terrible. This season seems to be setting up the same formula. I don’t believe they cut the film to make a coach look like a bad coach, I think it really just happens that way.

The first prank of the episode is pretty good, Bisping pulls the wheels/tires off Mayhem’s car and puts them in his locker room, pretty damn funny. Mayhem had to give him props.

Diego and Marcus get into a hard sparring session, at close to full level, leading to an inevitable pissing contest which Bisping has to break up. Bisping is much more mature and in control at this stage of the show and in his coaching efforts, I’m wondering when the breakdown occurs and if it’s his or Mayhem’s coaching that turns bad. We can see the bad blood will be between multiple fighters this season I believe.

We are introduced to Akira and his antics, I can see he’s gonna be trouble as the series progresses. I do have to admit, at this stage I like him. For some ungodly reason, we are informed that a contestant (Dustin Neace) has 3 testicles, on a side note, I worked for a man with 3 testicles, he loved to pull them out at the most inappropriate times. As if there is ever an approprotiate time to pull ot 3 testicles. Why we needed to know this about my boss or the fighter in question is beyond me.

The first fight is set up between Bantamweights Johnny Bedford vs. Josh Ferguson. Ferguson pulls out a sign that says F23k You Bedford, as he was ready for the fight. We are privy to the worst set of trash talking since I was in 2nd grade and we had to watch over the kindergarten students. Bedford has a slight hand injury from his fight to get into the house, It looks more than slight to me since he seems to be favoring the opposite side. Josh Ferguson is my pick for this fight, he’s fast, strong and in great shape. Plus the accent is great. Akira and Dustin Neace get into another horrible trash talking battle, if you can call it a battle. I’m reminded of youtube rap battles by young white kids. Both sides lose.

Johnny Bedford is at a disadvantage right off the bat, being that teammates from Jackson MMA are on opposite teams in the house, meaning they are trading info to help their friends. Bedford’s hurt right hand is the first piece of info passed to Bisping’s team. Bedford is 17-9-1 to Ferguson’s 7-3 plus Bedford has a 5″ height and 7″ reach advantage. I’m still with Ferguson as my pick. The bout starts, Bedford looks awkward while Josh looks comfortable and fluid. After a takedown, Bedford begins to get the best of the stand up, a surprise to me. So far Bedford is controlling the pace and Ferguson. Both fighters are listening to their corners well. Bedford makes a mistake trying for an armbar, which puts him into Josh’s standing guillotine at the .46 mark. Bedford finishes the round on Josh’s back. First round goes to Bedford, the second opens with Ferguson pressuring Bedford, following Bisping’s game plan with better success than the first round. Bedford is dropping his hands, leaving himself open to Ferguson’s heavy hands. Ferguson is being controlled on the ground at the halfway point, Bedford makes another mistake allowing Ferguson up, but he takes him down with authority after Ferguson tries a flying knee and continues to control Ferguson on the ground. Bedford takes the fight with a unanimous decision. That is one tough kid, he took Ferguson’s shots and kept coming.

The show ends with Josh Ferguson going home (I expect to see him in the UFC by season’s end) Mayhem gloating and Bisping getting pissed at Mayhem. The teaser for next week show’s Mayhem getting wise to the spy on his team and dissension on Bisping’s team, plus 2 fights for the price of 1. I am still enjoying this season, I expect I will till the final episode. The UFC got me hooked again. Good on them.

Best quotes by the fighters:
1.”I put fear in my teammates so they know who’s daddy, who’s the king.” -Akira
2. “Hell your from Brazil, you know they have a 401k for kidnapping there.” -Marcus
3. “Before my mommy cry, his mommy gonna cry.”- Diego

Best line by Mayhem, “Saddle up Brokeback.”

Bisping had no good one liners in this episode. Guess the writers had other things to concentrate on this time.

On a separate note, did I just see Mayhem chewing tobacco on the show?

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