TUF 14 Episode 4 recap and rant

So far the numbers for the season are:
Episode 1: 1.5 million
Episode 2: 1.6 million
Episode 3: 1.3 million
Episode 4: 1.5 million (I expected higher with 2 fights on the episode)

Show opens with Bisping in the gym with his team, preparing for the next fight. He’s down 2-0 so far, even with the spy helping him out. On a side note, last weeks loser- Josh Ferguson was at the UFC Fan Expo in Texas over the weekend. Reinforcing my belief he will be given a shot in the UFC.

Bisping is told by Dodson who the next matchup will be. Steven vs. Dennis, we see Steven getting a hard workout, focusing on stuffing the takedown. We see Bispings style of coaching emerging little by little. The portion ends with Bisping giving Stevens a black eye. Foreshadowing? He then fails to show up for the fight match up announcement. Dennis Bermudez vs. Steven Bass. No surprise to Bisping’s side. I thought it might be a trick of some sort, but Bisping’s team didn’t even know where he was. Foreshadowing?

A quick vignette of Dennis Bermudez training for Steven Bass. Then Steven talking, Dennis talking…entrances. Dennis Bass is 7-2 while Steven Bass is 10 with a 4″ reach advantage, no height advantage tho. Round 1 opens with the fighters feeling each other out for 45 seconds, then they start to put their fists out there. Bisping starts to lose it as Steven is being dominated on the ground. Steven gives up his back, it looks like he’s been broken, he just wants out of this fight, Mayhem sees this and tells Dennis. The round ends with Dennis on Steven’s back reigning down blows, Stevens’s was seconds from being finished in my opinion. Between rounds, Bisping begs Steven to stay standing, if he goes down, to eat the punch and get up. Bass eats a big knee and goes down, he’s able to grab a leg for  second before Bermudez stands up and pressures Bass against the cage. Like the first round, Bermudez takes Bass down and continuously lands blow after blow. Mayhem says to the reff “That’s not intelligently defending yourself.” and “You gonna let him beat this guy to death?” Bermudez flattens Bass out and finishes the fight by TKO stoppage due to punches. The key to the win was Bermudez listening to Mayhem, adjusting when told to and keeping the pressure on. Bass lost because he didn’t listen to Bisping at all, he didn’t stick to the gameplan, something Bisping points out to his team in the dressing room after the fight. Foreshadowing?

The second fight matchup is announced, Bisping is there (we still don’t know where he was for the first one) Dustin Pague vs. Luis Gaudinot. Once again, no surprise to Bisping due to Dodson. Mayhem knows someone is telling Bisping all of the matchups, he’s not to upset about it yet…yet. we move to Mayhem training with Pague, followed by Bisping having a little session with Bass. Bass accuses of Bisping of  ‘going to hard’ on him (anyone remember the black eye? The one Bisping gave him, not the other one), he blames the coaches for his loss, which pisses off Bisping to no end. Bisping then brings Bass’s complaint to the entire team, punking Bass and placing the blame squarely on his shoulders. The team backs Bisping, for now. Foreshadowing?

Bisping is shown training Luis, he feels Luis is the best guy on his team, their top pick and will win easily. It’s fight time now, Dustin Pague (the Jesus guy) is 10-4 vs. Luis Gaudinot (the Green hair guy) who is 5-1 with a 11.5″ reach disadvantage….did I do the math right? Yeah, I did. Pague (the Jesus guy) has a 74.5″ reach versus Gaudinot’s (the Green hair guy) 63″ reach. WOW. The fight starts with both guys throwing, The Green hair guy  is fast, while The Jesus guy is crisper in his striking, he pressures The Green Hair guy against the fence, taking him down. The Green Hair guy gets up quick, he’s eating too many knees this round. Both fighters are listening to their corners. The Green Hair guy is getting a little anxious, Bisping points it out, he adjusts. The Jesus Guy is getting the better of the stand up so far. He’s using knees, kicks, punches and elbows to keep The Green Hair guy guessing. Bisping screams for the takedown, he finally tries. The Jesus guy reversed it, holding him agains the cage and landing a jumping knee. The Green hair guy is visibly frustrated, he has eating several hard knees this round. The round ends with both fighters throwing. Round 1 to The Jesus guy. Bisping tells The Green Hair guy he has to KO him to win. Round 2 starts the same way, both fighters pressuring and throwing. The Green hair guy ducks a punch and ends up on his back, a very strange lazy move. TheGreen hair guy gets the fight standing, tries to pressure against the fence and gets reversed then he eats probably the worst knee of the fight. Blood is pouring out of The Green hair guy, The Jesus guy follows with ground and pound from mount, then turns him over and takes the back, sinking in a choke. The fight ends at the 2:28 by rear naked choke. The Jesus guy wins. The Green hair guy might need to drop down to 125 when the division opens up. By ‘might’ I mean ‘has to’.

The Green hair guy put up a solid fight, we will see him in the UFC, I’m positive. Bisping is visibly upset by The Green hair guys loss, upset for him, not for himself or his team. A very human moment for Bisping. Mayhem basks in the glory as does The Jesus guy. Mayhem’s team is 4-0. We see next weeks episode preview, they finally figure who the mole is, contestants start fighting at the fight announcement and tensions escalate between Mayhem and Bisping. We are entering the reality show portion. This is where I begin to lose interest, as long as the fights are good, I will stomach the rest.

No good quotes or one liners from Bisping or Mayhem, and no chew this week either. Hmmm.

Best Contestant quote:

“I’m in this sport to not only to glorify God, but to have fun.”- Dustin Pague


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