TUF 14 episode 7 recap/rant

(Editor’s note: Due to some heavy drinking by Anthony, he forgot to publish this recap last week, we apologize for the inconvenience, Bad Anthony)

Akira Tapped!

So far the numbers for the season are:
Episode 1: 1.5 million
Episode 2: 1.6 million
Episode 3: 1.3 million
Episode 4: 1.5 million (I expected higher with 2 fights on the episode)
Episode 5: 1.6  million (Akira tapped.)
Episode 6: 1.6  million
Episode 7: 1.6 (holding steady) 

It’s a nice day, I’m drunk as a mother and loving the fact that my job rules. The show opens with a recap of last weeks fights, and Roland’s foot infection. Rafael Cordiero, the man the myth the legend, the man who trained many of the best at Chute Boxe.  Wanderlei Silva, Anderson Silva, Ninja and Shogun Rua, the Noguiera brothers, the Cyborgs, the list goes on and on. Rafael comes in and shows Team Mayhem the intricacies of Muay Thai, making many of them happy. For Team Bisping, Tito Ortiz shows up. Tito Ortiz in my opinion has shown himself to be one of the best coaches TUF has had since it’s inception. He showed why he’s such a good coach, his instructions where simple yet eye opening. Say what you will about Tito, he knows his stuff and know’s how to explain it to everyone so they understand.

We move to the TJ situation, many of the fighters in the house think TJ is a ‘b1tch’ for looking at what appears to be the easier fight on paper with Roland. Akira and Diego decide to ‘teach him a lesson in training’ by handling him at every turn, showing him he’s not as good as he thinks he is. First Diego takes it to him on the mat, then Akira takes it to him in the cage. In a quick cut, it looks as if Akira might have hurt his arm in their rough scramble int he cage. TJ decides to take his frustration out on his next training partner, ‘The Simple Dude from Alabama’, leading to an altercation, with Akira running around in the background holding his arm and shoulder. Naturally, Bisping is at a loss, he at first believes it’s just an escalation of sparring, not what’s really going on. TJ runs around pissing and moaning, even after Team Bisping’s coaches are telling TJ to chill out, that he was getting frustrated. We end it all with a Team Bisping hand in the circle moment, I doubt this is the last of this particular issue. Foreshadowing?

Back at Team Mayhem, Roland is cleared to fight, he’s told not to use the foot until fight night. He looks slower, which he admits. Luckily his weight is on target due to him being sick. As the training session moves on, Roland begins to look better and better.

We cut back to Tj, he gets to talk a little bit, Bisping talks him up, and we have a useless montage of him training alone. Useless. Mayhem plays a prank on Tikki (one of Bisping’s Coaches, and I believe a friend and one time training partner from HUTC in HB, Ca) stacking safety highway blocks around his Escalade truck, blocking it in. Tikki doesn’t want to admit it’s a good prank, it is. THe best pranks are the ones’ where no one gets hurt or pissed to the point of putting hands on each other. This leads us into the weigh ins. Both fighters make weight, Roland and TJ.

Fight day arrives, we get the back story on Roland (he owned a restaurant, which he sold just prior to joining the show) TJ is quickly shown, we get to hear about his wrestling background (wrestled at Cal State Fullerton) and that he trains out of Team Alpha Male with Urijah Faber and them. Both fighters explain to the camera why they are better and will get the win. Filler. Filler and more Filler.

The fighters enter the gym, TJ Dillashaw 4-0 vs. Roland Delorme 6-2. Roland has a 3″ height and a 4″ reach advantage. The fight begins, both men standing, TJ has some fancy footwork, he looks fresher. TJ gets Roland down, holding him against the cage, ground and pounding him. Roland tries to walk the fence, which eventually works, leading to both men standing. TJ has the better hands, he does a good job of mixing up his stand up before getting the takedown. TJ is also listening to Bisping very well, Roland is listening to Mayhem as well, he’s just being outclassed on the feet and the ground, something I didn’t expect. I though Roland would have the advantage on the ground. Tj postures up, reigning down punches. Roland gets to his feet, TJ takes him back down. Roland is visibly frustrated, with 1 minute left TJ has a choke, he lets go, allowing Roland to stand, Roland lands a good shot, TJ returns with one of his own. 30 seconds left, Roland is starting to warm up, he gets a takedown, only to be reversed. The round ends with TJ on top. Between rounds, Bisping tells TJ “the only thing he showed you is that he can take a beating.” Mayhem tells Roland to go for the takedown. Round 2 begins. TJ catches Roland with a straight punch, putting him on his back, TJ follows him to the ground, continuing his dominance, utilizing his superior top game to GnP Roland at will. Roland is breathing heavy, taking lots of elbows and short punches, he gives up his back, the fight ends at the 3:16 minute mark by sub, RNC. Easy win.

It’s time to pick the preliminary fights. Team Bisping has 3 and Team Mayhem has 5, which means 2 Team Mayhem members will fight each other. Dana sits down with the coaches and fighters to see who wants to fight who. TJ asks for Dustin, Dodson asks for TJ or Bedford, Bedford also wants Dodson. Both coaches think TJ and Dodson are the best 135 lbers in the group, leading me to believe Dana will not put them together in the semi’s, hoping they make it to the finals to face off, just a hunch. The 145 lbers step up and give their picks. I have no clue who it’s gonna be.

For the 135lb semi it’s TJ vs. Dustin and Dodson vs. Bedford. for the 145lb semi we get Akira vs. Dennis and Diego vs. Brian. Brian makes it clear he’s not scared of Diego, by saying “I’m not scared of Diego, but…” Brian’s own teammate from back home thinks he’s scared, foreshadowing?

No good quotes from Bisping or Mayhem, also, no chewing tobacco from Mayhem. Sad episode for the fun stuff.

Best quotes from Fighters:

“You’re too lanky to deal with me”- Dodson referring to his fight with Bedrford.

That’s it!
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