TUF 14 episode 8 recap/rant

Akira Tapped!

So far the numbers for the season are:
Episode 1: 1.5 million
Episode 2: 1.6 million
Episode 3: 1.3 million
Episode 4: 1.5 million (I expected higher with 2 fights on the episode)
Episode 5: 1.6  million (Akira tapped.)
Episode 6: 1.6  million
Episode 7: 1.6 (holding steady)
Episode 8:

This week I will refrain from drinking until after I post the recap, sorry all.

The show starts witha quick recap. Blah blah blah. Louis breaks down the ‘cliqs’. There is ‘The Casino’, ‘The Bible Study Group’, and Louis’s ‘unnamed group’. Which leads us to…Akira shows why he’s uliked by many in the house by buzzing Bryan’s head while he’s sleeping. Leaving Bryan with a bald patch right in the front of his head. Bryan is very pissed, understandably. I think Akira went to far, I would have possibly lost it at that point. Good for Bryan keeping his cool, keeping himself on the show. I agree with Bryan, it was def. personal, it crossed a line. Everybody has their say about the buzzing incident. Finally, we get to the gym. Mayhem shows up on a bike, thinking Tikki is gonna mess with his car. What’s going on is Bisping’s team is up to a bigger prank than messing with his car. What they do is nail the entire room with fire extinguishers, followed by a Mariachi band playing as Team Mayhem escapes the room. It was pretty hilarious, even Mayhem has to give it up. Bisping did the good thing using the Mariachi band to keep a fight from happening. It was definitely a crappy thing for the fighters, it ruined their training, for both teams. Bisping doesn’t realize how it affected his own team’s training. Still funny.

Dennis is focused on, they cut the film to show that he is ‘stupid’ or ‘slow’. They do a good job of convincing me. As per usual, Akira goes after the ‘weak gazelle’. Inciting something, foreshadowing.

A new day in the Gym, finally. Bisping walks into the gym, paranoid of reprisal from Team Mayhem. It ends with Bisping kicking in the bathroom door, scaring the piss out of Akira, literally. Bisping and team are in the locker room, Akira proceeds to try and tell Bisping the game plan for the upcoming fight. Bisping, lets Akira know he’s the coach, and they follow his plan, not Akira’s. We cut to Bisping in camera telling Akira to ‘shut the F23K up’. Nice, nice. Bisping puts him on his back for the first half of practice to prepare him for the wresting he will encounter, very good in my opinion. They finish with sparring. Marcus ‘I’m just a dude from Alabama’ decides to rub his dripping wet jock strap in Bisping’s face. Yes, his jock strap, on his coaches face. This leads to Bisping grabbing Akira and stuffing the jock strap into his face. The grossest thing I’ve ever seen on this show. If I wasn’t semi drunk right now, I’d puke.

Bisping later gets them back by spraying them with silly string. Silly string.Jock Strap to the face.Silly string.Jock Strap to the face.Silly string.Jock Strap to the face. I just can’t figure out which one is worse.

The focus of this episode has been pranks since it openend some minutes ago. We are back to Akira’s pranks on Dennis. Akira draws stuff and posts it around the house making fun of Dennis and the ‘Bible Study Group’ consisting of Brendan, TJ and Dennis. Dennis gets pretty upset as many of the drawings are making fun of him for the ‘special’ things he says each day.

Back at the gym, Team Mayhem brings in Siyar Bahadurzada (rumor has it he’s signed with the UFC recently) who trains in Holland at Team Golden Glory (Alistair Overeem’s former camp) who also trained Akira. Dennis focused on for training I think. Foreshadowing a big loss maybe? I feel like too much time was spent building Dennis up before his fight. I’m ready to see the fight. Akira sings a ballad to Dennis in the morning about how’s he gonna win the fight. It’s very creepy, very creepy. Weigh ins start with Mayhem’s dog doing tricks. Akira 146lbs, Dennis 146 lbs also. The stare down lasts forever. Fighters make their predictions, Dana thinks Dennis is very impressive, and may be more than Akira can handle. Akira talks big the night before the fight, his roommates seemed completely uninterested. As was I. Just fight already! Akira apparently has 27 black belts. Good for him.

It’s fight time, I think. Akira Corassani 9-3 vs. Dennis ‘The Menace’ Bermudez 7-2. Akira has a 2″ height and 1.5″ reach advantage, Dennis 4 years younger. They start out with teets, Akira catches Dennis with a big punch, he’s hurt, scrambling. He’s recovered, catches Akira in a clinch, lands a big knee. Pretty even so far.  Both fighters have landed clean on the others chin. Akira has landed afew more, Dennis is hurt again, he keeps getting tagged. Akira lands again, Dennis goes down, he’s able to grab Akira, then pick him up and dump him. Akira is against the cage in a tight choke, it looked to me like Akira tapped, or thought about tapping again. 2 minutes left and he’s cranking the choke hard, Akira taps. Dennis listened to Team Mayhem, bit by bit and squeezed the sub out. When Akira stands up he’s out of it, he asks if he lost, then grabs Bisping and emotionally breaks down. Great win for Dennis. He was clearly rocked more than a few times. The show ends, we see next week will be about the Coaches Challenge and there might be a fight in the last 50 or so seconds of the episode. See you next week.

Best Quote from Bisping:
“Glad to see you focusing on the important things.” Referring to Mayhem’s team member riding the bicycle by him.

Best Fighter quotes:
“You got the Bible Study Group.”- Louis referring to the cliqs in the house.
“No TV, no internet, no women, gotta find ways to entertain yourself.”- Marcus, I’m just a dude from Alabama, right before the nastiest prank I think ever.
“I think me and the darkness are blood brothers now.” Akira
“I actually had to taste his salty balls.” – Akira referring to the above quote
“The losers’ beer doesn’t tast as good as the winners beer.” Akira after losing

That’s it!
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