TUF Brazil: List of Contestants

TUF Brazil is coming, right on the heels of TUF Live. I’ve always wanted to say that ‘right on the heels’, moving on. A few days ago the 32 contestants were revealed, below is that list. You may not be familiar with most of these names unless you’ve been a diligent fan for several years, many of these names are on ‘watch’ lists by various promotions and MMA Websites, meaning, this is the cream of the crop in Brazilian MMA. Some of the Featherweights have competed at 125 and 155 respectively, so expect to see many of them at different weight classed when they are eventually brought into the UFC or StrikeForce. Yes, most of them will be brought into the UFC or StrikeForce. Same goes for the Middle weights, as some have competed at LHW and HW, yeah, some of these guys are cutting down from HW to MW just for this opportunity. It’s gonna be interesting to see them at their chosen weight classes in the coming year, it’s also gonna be interesting to see who ends up in the UFC and who goes to Strikeforce. Regardless, this version of TUF is gonna be a game changer. Once again, Info and contestant list is below.

The show starts on March 25th on Globo in Brazil, luckily for us it will be streamed on UFC.com at the same time, and eventually it will air on Fuel.

From GloboEsporte:

Featherweights: 145lbs

Alexandre Ramos
Dileno Lopes
Fabricio de Assis Costa da Silva
Fernando Duarte Guerra
Giovanni da Silva Santos Jr.
Godofredo Pepey
John Teixeira
Johnny Goncalves
Marcos Vinicius Borges Pancini
Medeiros Anistavio
Medeiros Anistavio
Pedro Nobre
Rafael Bueno
Rodrigo Damm
Rony Mariano Bezerra
Wagner Campos

Middleweights: 185lbs

Cezar Ferreira
Charles Maicon
Daniel Sarafian
Delson Heleno
Fabio Luiz Vital da Costa
Francisco Drinaldo
Gilberto Galvao
Gustavo Sampaio
Joao Paulo de Souza
Leonardo Mafra Teixeira
Renee Forte
Richardson Moreira
Samuel Trindade
Sergio Moraes
Thiago de Oliveira Perpetuo
Thiago Rela

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