TUF episode 2 review/recap/rant

Last nights episode of The ultimate Fighter caught my attention, actually, the first episode caught my attention, held it, then submitted it. If that wasn’t enough, then it KO’d my attention. It was a spectacular show of fights and fighters. Enough to get me tuning in this week for the 2nd episode, something I haven’t done in about 4-5 years.

This episode opens with the fighters who won in the first episode entering the UFC house. Naturally, these LW’s and BW’s start wtih a BBQ and proceed to stuff their faces like Heavy Weights, something I think will play a role in later episodes.

Bisping wins the coin toss and takes the first pick, leaving the first fight to Mayhem. We get to see the coaching styles right off the bat. The vignette’s of Mayhem/Bisping talking about how hard the picks were is complete BS in my opinion. There is no way the coaching staff of each team doesn’t know who these highly touted fighters are. We are talking about guys with solid records, Championship belts and well known training camps. The TUF spin machine has started.

It already feels like Mayhem will be a good coach, don’t quite know how Bisping will be. Bisping’s team of coaches is pretty solid so far. Bisping is doing good so far as a coach, he seems to care at this point. The montage of him helping with the weight cut is a good sign. The weight cut system Bisping employed on the young inexperienced fighter in Brimage worked well. Good job. The little song by Bisping’s team was funny. However, Mayhem’s ‘tire’ prank was was kinda lame, the door being blocked by the tire was nice, that alone would have been funnier I think.

The first fight is a Featherweight bout (135lbs) between Bryan Caraway vs. Marcus Brimage. Caraway is 15-5 to Brimage’s 3-1, with an 8 inch reach disadvantage. Caraway is more experienced, taller with a longer reach and excellent ground game. Brimage is a striker, pure and simple. The fight stars with Brimage trying to control Caraway with his standup, in seconds Caraway has him on the ground where he steadily works submission attempts. After a minute and a half he gets the back and locks in a body triangle. Caraway listens well to Mayhem, Brimage doesn’t seem to respond to his corner as quickly or as well. With the amount of Neck/Face Crank finishes by Shinya Aoki, it confuses me as to why more fighters don’t practice the subtle differences in a  transition from rear naked choke that could finish a fight instantly. The round ends with Caraway still controlling from the back, while peppering Brimage with occasional shots while looking for the choke.

Round 2 opens with Bisping begging for Brimage to let his hands go. The fight starts faster than the previous round with both fighters swinging, Caraway dives for the takedown over and over, finally getting Brimage down. He pops up after a few moments, only to be take down again. Brimage executed a beautiful backwards roll to escape a rear naked choke attempt, which puts them standing again, Caraway is definitely lost on his feet, while Brimage’s slow response to his corner’s instructions is costing him the fight. Caraway lands some solid knees in the clinch, leading to another takedown. I should mention Bisping was screaming for Brimage to keep his distance, get out of the clinch, if he had listened to his corner, he may have made it to round 3. As it stands, Brimage gets taken down and submitted by, surprise, rear naked choke. Giving Caraway the W, and sending Brimage home after only 1 day in the house.

Mayhem retains control of the fight picks. Bisping tries to console his team, poorly I might add, while Mayhem celebrates with his.

Bisping’s best line of the night “He’s a StrikeForce reject.” Referring to Mayhem.

Mayhem’s best line of the night, “He’s getting grappling advice from Bisping.” While Brimage was trying to unsuccessfully fight off Caraway’s submission attempts.

The show ends with a preview of next week’s episode, were we get the usual TUF antics involving food and nonsense. Yay reality TV. Regardless of how inane the show gets, the caliber of talent will keep me coming back all season, a good sign for the UFC.


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