TUF Live: Advantage Faber?

Uriajah Faber un-lucked into a potentially huge advantage when his fighter, Brazilian veteran Cristiano Marcello lost his bout to rival coach Dominick Cruz fighter Justin Lawrence. (I’m sure he would prefer to have the win…)

After his loss, Marcello said that from this point on he would be working to help his team mates.

This is potentially huge for Team Faber! Marcello is a former Pride fighter and is the Chute Box head BJJ coach. He’s taught with and trained with some of the legends of the sport.

There is no question he could prove to be an asset to Faber’s team. So far, footage they’ve shown of the team training has not included Faber taking advantage of the big, shiny gift handed to him.

I’m sure Faber’s got talented BJJ coaches on his team, and is probably inclined to stick with them, but if he truly wants to do what’s best for his team he will utilize Marcello to assist his coaches in building their skills.

There’s a good chance Faber’s coaches could learn a thing or two from this guy…