TUF Live: Episode 2 recap

So far the numbers for the season are:

Episode 1: Ratings: 0.95  Viewers: 1.3 million
Episode 2: Ratings:            Viewers: 1.1 million

Best Quote of the Night from a Coach: nothing stuck out this time.
Best Quote from a fighter: nothing stuck out this time.

A quick Recap from last week starts the show off, followed by the fighters entering the house and picking their rooms beds.  A few of the fighters are shown exploring the house, especially the kitchen, which is coincidentally, conveniently stocked with beer, tons and tons of beer and possibly hard liquor. What better way to guarantee drama than by plying a bunch of fighters with unlimited alcohol while they are cut off from all technology and the outside world for 3 months. We are sure to see at least 2 fighters ruin their careers this season, maybe even 3.

Next up we have team selections, Urijah wins the coin toss and elects to pick 2nd and secure the first fight instead. Good strategy. The teams are as follows:

Team Cruz
1. Justin Lawrence
2. Sam Sicilia
3. Myles Jury
4. Mike Rio
5. James Vick
6. Vinc Pichel
7. Chris Tickle
8. Jeremy Larsen

Team Faber
1. Al Iaquinta
2. Cristiano Marcello
3. Daron Cruickshank
4. Joe Proctor
5. Mike Chiesa
6. John Cofer
7. Andy Ogle
8. Chris Saunders

We get to see Team Faber training, I’m not sure if Urijah is gonna take this as seriously as Dominic is. I expected Urijah to be the better coach, but I’m now thinking Dominic is gonna prove the better coach for TV. Then we get to see Team Cruz training, each has their own way of checking out their recruits. After some more training shots, we get to the fight pick, but not before Urijah calls out Dominic for bringing up his parents in a magazine article, something that really pisses him off. He tells Dominic not to bring his family into their rivalry, Dominic apologizes to Faber’s family and say’s he’ll keep it between them. I’m with Faber on this one. Faber says Daron Cruickshank vs. James Vick. Not what I would have picked, but I’m just an armchair coach.

The Drama starts fast, unfortunately Mike Chiesa’s father passed away the previous night and he’s taken aside and informed. It’s a tough thing for everyone from Mike himself to Urijah and Dana White. Luckily for Mike, his close friend from their home gym, Sam Sicilia, is there to offer support. In a very real moment, Sam comforts Mike and tries to point out something positive, that his father was able to see his son fight and win on National Television, it’s offers a bit of comfort to the distraught Mike. Mike is put in the position of having to make a decision on his fighting future, luckily Dana White offers him a pass, he gets to fly home for the services and come back to his spot on the team. Nice move on the UFC’s part.

We get a quick background on both fighters scheduled to fight, leading up to Mike coming back and the night’s 2 round fight.
Daron Cruickshank 10-2 vs. James Vick 4-0 who has a 6.5″ reach advantage. Daron starts out strong, towards the middle of the round Daron lands a solid shot and follows by shooting for a takedown, not seeing Vick’s knee, ending his night in a KO loss at 2:16 of the 1st round. Urijah’s team is no 0-1. On his way to what I think will be 0-8.

Dominic has the pick now and puts Justin Lawrence against whoever Faber wants to choose, only Team Faber can’t make a decision, so Cruz picks Cristiano Marcello, which I think will be a good fight. I’m not sure who has the advantage here. It’s a bummer for me, cause I’m not ready to see either of these 2 get knocked out of the competition.

That’s it, no nonsense yet, and a solid fight booked for this upcoming Friday. Ranters, what was your opinion if this weeks episode?

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