TUF Smashes is on episode 3 already, are you watching? We’ve been trying to watch it on aus.tuf.com but the videos haven’t been playing properly, the commercials play fine…?

Well in the UFC’s infinite wisdom, they’ve finally put them on youtube. Now if they would stop blocking them on motherF23king youtube app on PS3 we would be ecstatic.

So far, it’s been pretty good, the fighters look hungry and crazy, wait till you see ‘The Freakshow’. Plus, the Brits are huge, it’s real hard to figure out who is a LW or HW, the Aussie’s point that out from the get go. We expect to see some real ‘nonsense’ from this season, these fools are crazy. We don’t have a favorite yet, yet.

In the opening half hour we have a major injury that requires surgery.

The first fight is Valentino Petrescu vs. Benny Alloway. Benny looked tentative as the round opened while Valentino looked strong and aggressive. The second round saw Benny become more aggressive while Valentino kept up the pressure, the fight ended with a nice finish to start the season.

Rumble young man Rumble