U of MMA Fight Night 11 at Nokia LA Live

UMMAOnce again, the University of MMA came to the Nokia at LA Live and put on an impressive array of amateur MMA bouts for the people. They provide a great way for up & coming MMA fighters to compete in a professional quality environment and for Los Angeles-based fans to see fantastic live MMA action in a perfect venue for it.

The crowd was live as usual on a hot August night for the UofMMA’s 11th Fight Night.

Here’s what went down:

149 lbs. catchweight – Oren Shabo (Hayastan MMA) vs. Ryan Aguilar (California MMA)

130 lbs. catchweight – Stuart Kosh (Independent) vs. Eric Arias (Yuma United MMA)

145 lbs. – Ardany Oliva (Systems Training Center) vs. Mason Iacobellis (Team Quest)

125 lbs. – Tizoc Froese (MMAFC) vs. Erick Pierre (Bas Rutten’s Elite MMA Gym)
A good, back and forth bout, Erick Pierre took the night, winning against a tough, game opponent in Tizoc Froese.
Winner: Erick Pierre, Decision

150 lbs. catchweight – Michael ‘Blackjack’ Jackson (Systems Training Center) vs.Angel Perla (Team Quest)
Jackson came out more aggressively, initiating the striking, but Perla got ahold of him and 9/10 of the first round was a clinch match, with Jackson getting Perla down toward the end of the round.

Jackson used his length advantage well in the beginning of the second round, keeping Perla at range and effectlively striking with punches and kicks. Perla would move in to strike and Jackson would counter effectively. Jackson started to get comfortable and open up his attack, getting more creative with his kicks and strikes. Towards the end of the round, Jackson pushed Perla up against the fence and turned Perla to take him down. The fight ended with Jackson on top.
Winner: Michael Jackson, Unanimous Decision

137 lbs. catchweight – Richie Meister (BJMUTA) vs. Sergio Gonzalez (Yuma United MMA)
Gonzalez lands a loud, slapping body kick and Meister shoots (convenient, since the kick seemed to double him over anyway…). Gonzalez was able to reverse position and they get up to his feet, just in time for both fighters to flurry before the round ended.

Round two: Meister shot in right from the start and paid for it, as Gonzalez was able to land knees and body punches while defending the takedown. He eventually got Gonzalez down, but ended up in an awkward position while attempting an arm lock and eventually a reverse triangle. He escaped. and was able to take top position in the ensuing scramble as the round ended.

Round three: Meister had much more success this round, taking Gonzalez down quickly and getting a successful triangle chocke.
Winner: Richie Meister, Submission (Triangle Choke)

195 lbs. catchweight – Tim Barnard (Valhalla ETC) vs. Christopher Llanes (Team Quest)
Llanes came out, got the clinch and Judo tossed Barnard, got side control, attempted an arm bar but lost position. He was able to scramble and get back to his feet, and in the ensuing clinch, was able to toss Barnard again, this time getting the arm bar.
Winner: Christopher Llanes, Submission (Arm Bar)

175 lbs. catchweight – Chris Rodriguez (Gracie Academy/Team Victory Muay Thai)vs. Cristian Najera (Guerilla Nation MMA)
Najera shot off the bat and landed some strong quick ground & pound before Rodriguez was able to scramble out. Once up, Rodriguez was able to clinch Najera against he cage and control the action for the rest of the round. Well, almost the rest of the round, as Najera was able to land a solid right to knock Rodriguez down, and pounced with ground & pound, forcing the ref to step in and end the fight, right before the bell was to sound.
Winner: Cristian Najera, TKO (punches)

145 lbs. – Garik Mitchell (Team Lagarto) vs. Steven (Kyler) Scott (Team Quest)
Mitchell has such a reach advantage, and uses it so well, Scott had difficulty getting close enough to effectively strike. When he would catch a kick or attempt to counter strike, Scott simply couldn’t reach the target. Mitchell took the first round with more effective striking and a nice head kick at the end of the round.

Round two started just the same, with Mitchell pushing his reach advantage. and Scott struggling to get inside. Each time Scott would punch, he would move his head to one side. Mitchell used this knowledge to adjust and land a strong head kick, sending Scott to the mat.
Winner, Gerik Mitchell, KO (head kick)

145 lbs. – Troy Hardgrow (Independent) vs. Flavian Pilgrim (California MMA)
This fight was almost all Flavian Pilgrim. He dominated the first round, although Hardgrow did not lack effort, and dominated what was the second round. He was able to get Hardgrow down, beat him to the punch and get the TKO.
Winner: Flavian Pilgrm, TKO (Punches)

230 lbs. – Andrii Vasylenko (Hayastan MMA) vs. Julius White (Independent)
After about a short but awkward “feeling out” on the feet, Vasylenko shot in and took down White, gained side control and worked to a North-South choke.
Winner: Andrii Vasylenko, Submission (North-South Choke)

157 lbs. catchweight – Remington Thorne (Saekson’s Muay Thai) vs. Damon Jacobs (Bas Rutten’s Elite MMA Gym)
Round one: Jacobs is controlling the stand up and doing well when Thorne connects and sends him back to the cage. Thorne pounces and in his ahem enthusiasm, knees a downed Jacobs to the head. The ref steps in to call “time” and Thorne thinks he’s won, runs around the cage, even exiting the cage to play to the crowd. The two corners enter the cage, thinking it’s over as well. Once order is restored, they continue the round after a brief break while a point is taken from Thorne.
Round two shows a few things about each fighter: Jacobs is the more technical, controlled striker, from a boxing family (His father is near the press area letting everyone know, proudly, that “That’s my son!” and talking about his past as a boxer) and it shows. Thorne is the scrappier fighter, and does better in the clinch, dirty boxing. They circle and fight on their feet until Thorne gets the clinch, and then they both let loose. It’s like a Rocky movie in the clinch.
Round three starts and they meet and clinch and punch like crazy. Thorne gets the Thai plum and throws knees while Jacobs lands hard body punches in volume. A fast, hard round to judge.

After the fight ends, a siren/alarm begins to sound, and the mic is cut. The announcement is done with no PA and with the alarm sounding. A fitting ending to a chaotic bout! (They announce after the fight that there is no fire and they’re working to shut off the alarm)
Winner: Damon Jacobs, Majority Decision

125 lbs. – Matheus Santos (MMAFC/Knockout Boxing) vs. Victor Pages (10thPlanet Van Nuys/Systems Training Center)
Santos had the advantage standing in the first round, but Pages quickly clinched and dominated the majority of the round. Enough to win the round? Not sure.

Once again, Santos has superior boxing, but Pages was able to press his grappling advantage, shooting in and controlling Santos against the cage, for the most part. The Ref separated them and Santos was able to land at the end of the round, knocking Pages down. The Ref stepped in to stop the action.
Winnner: Matheus Santos, KO

145 lbs. – David Secaida (Independent) vs. Benito Mendez (Kings Combat Sports)
Mendez was able to continuously get the fight to the ground and did a good job of groundfighting while down there, getting position, landing strikes, threatening submissions… over the course of three rounds, he clearly did enough to win.
Winner: Benito Mendez, Unanimous Decision

205 lbs. – Travis Williams (Elite Training Center) vs. David Boyko (Bas Rutten’s Elite MMA Gym)
Looking at these two fighters: One clean cut and technical and one tattood and tough, you had a feeling how things would go. MMA can surprise though, and they both showed good technical ability at times and a lot of heart (and strong chins!) with their willingness to hang in the pocket and scrap.

Remember that game, Rock ‘Em, Sock ‘Em Robots? These guys do too, apparently. It’s not that they didn’t spend time on the ground, working for position and submissions—that definitely happened. But at the end of each round, it became a slugfest—I was waiting for a head to spring up!

That both guys landed as solidly and often as they did on each other, and both were still standing at the end of the fight astounded everyone in the audience, and each fighter’s exit from the cage was greeted with a real rarity: The entire cageside crowd (VIPs and Press) applauded both men.
Winner: Travis Williams, Unanimous Decision

University of MMA Featherweight Championship
145 lbs. – Albert Veloz (Cage Combat Academy) vs. Kurt ‘The Hurt’ Eberhard (Saekson’s Muay Thai)
Fast paced fighters, come out to scrap immediately. Didn’t end well for one.
Winner: Kurt Eberhard, KO, 45 seconds of round one

University of MMA Lightweight Championship
155 lbs. – Antonio Lopez (Saekson’s Muay Thai) vs. Pious ‘Voodoo’ Enilolobo, Jr. (BJMUTA/Flying Kick Martial Arts)
Lopez owning the cage early, Enilolobo Jr. countering well. Lopez continues to move forward, lands a low blow, causing a break in the action. Once the fight resumes, both men seem energized, and both land well. The fight ends with Enilolobo Jr. on top on the mat, landing fists.

Round two: Lopez starts the way he started the first round, taking the center of the cage and is looking good, until Enilolobo Jr. lands a right to Lopez’ head, sending him to the canvas and ending the fight.
Winner: Pious Enilolobo Jr., TKO

A good night of amateur MMA action in Club Nokia at LA Live, once again brought to you by the University of MMA! Keep an eye out for the U of MMA’s Fight Night 12, and if you can get to LA—GO! Support live, local MMA!