U of MMA Fight Night 4 Lights Up Nokia Live

UofMMA_FN4_insetIt was a chill December day as the crowd streamed in to Club Nokia for an exciting MMA event: U of MMA Fight Night 4. Before the night was done, there would be Featherweights on a collision course for the U of MMA title.

The night began with a 10-count, honoring the memory of Tuff-N-Uff promoter Barry Meyer, followed by a color guard and the singing of the national anthem. The cheering of the crowd in response to the announcer’s call signaled that Club Nokia was ready to go!

The Card:

125 lbs. (3 x 2 min.) – Hugo Aranda (House of Champions) vs. Chris Mendoza (Submission Factory)
Hugo Aranda is the clear crowd favorite, and he delivered, getting the TKO 38 seconds into the first round. They circled, traded sparsely and then Hugo landed the punch that knocked Mendoza down.
Winner: Hugo Aranda, TKO (strikes), Round 1

185 lbs. (3 x 2 min.) – Ronald Minera (Nelson’s MMA/Boxing Club) vs. Gee Gonzalez (Whiplash MMA)
Gonzalez is making his MMA debut, and came out aggressively, chasing down Minera and initiating almost every exchange early on. A bit frenzied and sloppy, the first round was pretty even until Minera landed a pnch that sent Gonzalez back into the cage, and Minera cautiously rushed forward (if there is such a thing) and his caution let Gonzalez escape. Apart, Minera attempted a spinning flying kick, but pulled it at the last moment, and fell. Gonzalez pounced, working ground and pound from top position and landing strong knees to the body as time expired.
Round two: Both fighters came out as if they had lost the last round, and this round was the definition of “stand and bang” as they traded throughout the round. Minera landed the better significant strikes, rocking Gonzalez. Going to the ground at the end of the round, Minera also ended up on top, but had little time to work, ending the round in north-south position.
Before round three, Gonzalez decided he could not continue, and the fight ended.
Winner: Ronald Minera, TKO (fighter forfeit)

145 lbs. (3 x 2 min.) – Austin Davis (Valhalla ETC) vs. Rene Conant (Submission Factory)
Conant took Davis to the cage early, and after a short time in the clinch, picked Davis up and slammed him to the mat. Davis attempted working an arm bar, but Conant escaped and ended up on top. Davis was game on the ground, but did absorb some hammer fists before the round was out.
Round two: Davis came out and landed the first blows, but a spinning back fist from Conant allowed Conant to push Davis against the cage, and he again dumped him. As he went down, Davis attempted to break his fall and appeared to break his arm, just above the wrist.
Winner: Rene Conant, TKO (doctor stoppage), round two

205 lbs. (3 x 2 min.) – Renato Gudino (Bowman’s Dojo) vs. Dominick Reyes (Cage Combat Academy)
Gudino came out looking for a fight and he got one. He tried to was though the fists of Dominick Reyes, but this bout was all Reyes, using his size advantage and reach advantage to drop Gudino and then the Drysdale Jiu-Jitsu fighter used solid top position to get Gudino’s back, land strikes and eventually get the RNC.
Winner: Dominick Reyes, Submission (Rear Naked Choke)

205 lbs. (3 x 3 min.) – Bruno Casillas (Valhalla ETC) vs. Jens Grau (Bas Rutten’s Elite MMA Gym)
Fighting Jens Grau is like fighting that guy from that Indiana Jones movie, and you don’t have a whip, pistol or airplane propeller… Seriously, the guy is a massively strong puncher, and his strength was on display tonight. They circled, engaged, and Jens struck, knocking Casillas flat on his back. In his post-fight interview, Jens announced “one more amateur fight, then pro.”
Winner: Jens Grau, KO, round one

155 lbs. (3 x 2 min.) – Pious Enilolobo, Jr. (BJMUTA/Flying Kick Martial Arts) vs. Danny Garcia (NZT Pankration)
Enilolobo immediately landed a hard right to Garcia’s face and quickly worked him against the cage and slammed him down. Garcia got up, but paid for it with another hard punch to the face. Enilolobo moved in again, landing and once again lifting and slamming Garcia to the cage. Maintaining top position, then mounting Garcia, Enilolobo let Garcia up, only to land a head kick and end up on his back once again. The rounded ended with Enilolobo on top.
Round two: Garcia came out looking to get the early advantage, but it was like a repeat of the first round, with Enilolobo landing and slamming once again. And once again ending up on top. Garcia took less damage in the second round, but otherwise it was the same.
Round three, after exchanging and circling on their feet, Garcia shot in for a double-leg. Enilolobo stuffed this and ended up in north-south position. Working on top, Enilolobo eventually circled to an arm bar, and got the tap.
In his victory interview, Pious gave shout outs to Paul Walker, Nelson Mandela, and all the rest we lost this year, as well as his children, his students, his fight team, and a slew of others. He is an entertaining personality. As a fighter, he is not far from ready for prime time. The banter is already there.
Winner: Pious Enilolobo, Jr., Submission (Arm Bar), round three

265 lbs. (3 x 2 min.) – Alejandro Gudino (Bowman’s Dojo) vs. Joe Hernandez (All In MMA)
Finally—Time for the big boys! Alejandro Gudino has been impressive in the U of MMA cage before, albeit in a losing effort, and showed he can both take and deliver a punch. This fight, he took several more than he gave, and successive uppercuts by Hernandez dropped him, and when Hernandez pounced, the ref stepped in.
Winner: Joe Hernandez, TKO, 40 seconds of round one

U OF MMA Featherweight Championship Tournament Alternates Match
145 lbs. (3 x 2 min.) – Juan De La Torre (10th Planet Burbank) vs. A.J. Bryant (XFit)
De La Torre dropped Bryant with a right, but Bryant recovered quickly and drove for the takedown. De La Torre eventually stuffed this and shook him off, and they circled, exchanging kicks. De La Torre pushed forward, pumching his way in, but Bryant countered with punches of his own and drove De La Torre back. The bell sounded, signaling the end to the round.
Round two: The round begins with a shoulder-high kick by De La Torre, and Bryant’s nodding acknowledgement. De La Torre dropped Bryant, and pounced but was unable to get a choke and Bryant stood back up. They exchanged pretty evenly, and the round ended with Bryant driving De La Torre back and landing punches with De La Torre’s back against the cage.
Round three: The fighters circle and exchange… circle and exchange… At one point, De La Torre had Bryant against the cage and was landing hard punches, but then Bryant came out swinging and looked like he had taken no damage… This would be a hard bout to score.
Winner: Juan De La Torre, Split Decision (29-28, 29-28, 28-29)

205 lbs. (3 x 2 min.) – Joshua Neal (Bowman’s Dojo) vs. Ozzy Diaz (NZT Pankration)
Diaz catches a kick and drives in for the takedown. Neal gets him in a standing guillotine and maintains it as Diaz keeps driving. Eventually going to the ground, the fighters battle and rise, with Diaz again finding himself in the guillotine. Neal pulls guard, but loses the guillotine. Neal does a good job of controlling Diaz’ posture. They get back back to their feet and Diaz gets Neal against the cage as the bell sounds.
Round two: Diaz immediately clinches Neal. They go to the gorund. Diaz lands on top. Gets Neal’s back. Flattens him out. Sink the RNC.
Winner: Ozzy Diaz, Submission (Rear Naked Choke) round two

U OF MMA Featherweight Championship Tournament Match
145 lbs. (3 x 2 min.) – Ian Quinto (Defiant Gym/The Yard Muay Thai) vs. Jacob Rosales (CSW)
Round one was all Rosales. Rushing ahead leading with his fists, Rosales gor Quinto against the cage and threw a long flurry of punches, several of which landed. In order to stop the barrage, Quinto went for the takedown, and in the process ended up on bottom. Rosales dominated on top, fighting off a few submission attempts and landing punches to the face and body of Quinto.
Round two: They fighters come out and engage immediately. Rosales landed and uppercut and dropped Quinto. Rosales pounced, and landed punches, causing the Ref to jump in and stop the fight.
Winner: Jacob Rosales, TKO (strikes)

155 lbs. (3 x 2 min.) – Derion Chapman (House of Champions) vs. Roger Brito (Systems Training Center)
Chapman attempts a flying knee and gets turned around and put against the cage. Brito takes him down and they battle, with Chapman landing knees and shoulders and Brito landing punches as they get to their feet and work in the clinch. The round ends with the fighters against the cage, dirty boxing.
Round two: Chapman moves forward, landing two quick punches to Brito’s face and getting him against the cage. Brito reverses and attempts a double-leg, then a single-leg, and then picks Chapman up and dumps him.Chapman pushes Brito off with his feet when Brito attempts to posture up, and rises. When Brito swings, Chapman ducks under and takes Brito down. Fists fly as Chapman lands strike after strike to Brito’s face until the Ref steps in. Brito’s corner verbally protests, claiming Brito was rolling for a knee bar, but stoppages come quickly in amateur MMA for fighter safety, and Brito did take a large number of hard shots to the face.
Winner: Derion Chapman, TKO (strikes) round two

170 lbs. (3 x 2 min.) – Nojin (Ian) Park (Kings MMA) vs. Jose Jovel (Dream Killer Fight Team)
Ian Park was greeted with a huge cheer from the crowd, and he worked the crowd on his walk-in. Once he entered the cage, though, he was all business, and the playful look on his face left. It didn’t do any good, however, as Jovel landed a hook and dropped him. One. Punch Knockout.
Winner: Jose Jovel, KO (one punch KO), five seconds into round one

U OF MMA Featherweight Championship Tournament Match
145 lbs. (3 x 2 min.) – Tommy Aaron (Elite Training Center) vs. Ryan Lilley (Bas Rutten’s EliteMMA Gym)
A fitting headliner to tonight’s action-packed card, these guys bring it! Aaron had Lilley in trouble in the first part of the round, getting him down and working for a choke, but Lilley was able to work through it and soon ended up taking Aaron’s back, landing punches and sinking in a rear-naked choke. Aaron fought through and the round ended.
Round two: They circle and strike, but it is Aaron who gets the takedown and works top position to his advantage. They battle on the ground, where Aaron seems to have an advantage.
Round three: Aaron immediately seeks to take Lilley down. He wrestles him to the ground and they roll. Lilley works to get back up and he does and Aaron lifts and slams him back down. Dominance on the ground led Aaron to take the round, and the fight.
Winner: Tommy Aaron, Unanimous Decision (30-27)

The U of MMA always puts on a good showcase for top local amateur MMA talent. That’s what’s great about amateur MMA, finding those fighters before their careers blow up, and a few fighters really made statements at Fight Night 4, including Dominick Reyes, Jens Grau and Pious Enilolobo, Jr. And for the fighters who lost, an opportunity to learn and grow. You never know who will rise through the ranks of the MMA world… The U of MMA provides a great path for fighters to gain experience and begin to make a name for themselves.