U of MMA Fight Night 6 at Club Nokia at LA Live

uofmma2It was a beautiful warm Southern California day, and the Staples Center area was relatively quiet, with the Kings playing in Chicago as the University of MMA took over Club Nokia at LA Live. While the Kings were working towards the Stanley Cup Championship round against New York, the action inside Club Nokia was fast and exciting!

Here are the fight results, in reverse order:

University of MMA Lightweight Championship:
155 lbs. – Derion ‘DC’ Chapman (House of Champions) vs. Pious ‘Voodoo’ Enilolobo, Jr. (BJMUTA/Flying Kick Martial Arts)
Chapman was able to get a quick takedown and dominant position on Enilolobo, Jr. very early in the round, and was able to move into mount. Enilolobo Jr. reversed, but almost got caught in a triangle. They rolled, with Chapman seeming ot get the better of the action on the ground, but each time he got Enilolobo Jr. in trouble, he wouldn’t be able to hold the position and the first round ended with Enilolobo Jr. on top. The second round was also action-packed, with each man gaining advantage on the ground and in the stand-up. The round also ended with Enilolobo Jr. on top and for a longer period than the first round. Close enough to make it tough to judge, at the end of two rounds, I’d have to call it even.
The third, and final round (amateur championships are 3, 3 minute rounds) began with Enilolobo Jr. attempting a takedown, getting reversed on the way down and Chapman getting the quick TKO with Enilolobo Jr. on the ground against the cage.
Winner, and STILL Champion: Derion Chapman, TKO, 3rd round (ground strikes)

University of MMA Light Heavyweight Championship:
205 lbs. – Ozzy Diaz (NZT Pankration) vs. Dominick ‘The Devastator’ Reyes (Cage Combat Academy)
Diaz came out with a champion’s confidence, they clinched in the center of the cage, Reyes got him down and choked the belt out of him. It was over very quickly.
Winner, and NEW Champion: Dominick Reyes, Submission, 1st round (Rear-naked choke)

145 lbs. – Tommy ‘The Spaniard’ Aaron (Elite Training Center) vs. A.J. Bryant (XFit)
Aaron came out the aggressor, while Bryant seemed content in counter strike mode. After a few seconds, Bryant’s strategy showed it’s flaw, as Aaron landed a quick head kick that knocked Bryant out.

Winner: Tommy Aaron, KO, 1st round (head kick)

155 lbs. – Carnation ‘Flash’ Contreras (Krav Maga Unyted) vs. TJ Scot (Team Lagato)
Contreres demonstrated his nickname early, with quick strikes but a massive head clash sent him to the mat, appearing to be out cold, and Scot jumped into mount. After a brief moment of hip escape attempts, Contreres was able to escape, and reversed, but got cought in an arm bar and that ended the bout. This is one of those matches that makes you glad they are filmed, so they can review the tape. This result may be overturned.
Winner: TJ Scot, Submission, 1st round (arm bar)

170 lbs. – Dean Bo Moskowitz (House of Champions vs. Ronald Minera (Nelson’s Boxing)
What a war! Now *this* is what MMA is all about! A close, back and forth three-round, wide-ranging battle. The action was non-stop: first striking back and fotth, with each man landing effective punches and the occasional kick, and then on the ground, wrestling and rolling, with sweeps, submission attempts (arm bar and leg lock attempts mostly) with Minera having a slight advantage, which was enough to get him the decision.
Winner: Ronald Minera, Unanimous Decision

195 lbs. catchweight – Bruno ‘Pelo Loco’ Casillas (Valhalla Elite Training Center) vs.Jordan Taylor (Team Quest)
Lots of “mad dogging” during walk-ins let the crowd know that these two were going to get after it. And they didn’t disappoint! After a solid minute of trading, Casillas got Taylor in a schoolyard bulldog choke and went out. Unfortunately, he woke relatively quickly with no memory of going out, and was quite upset to find out he had lost.
Winner: Bruno Casillas, Technical Submission, 1st round (bulldog choke)

170 lbs. – Julio Lopez (Ruckus MMA) vs. Orlando ‘The Tommy Goff’ Itza (Venice Beach Boxing Academy)
Lopez dominated the first round, ending in dominant position, dropping ground and pound with the ref watching closely as the bell rang. In round two, after a brief feeling out period, was able to get Itza to the ground and pound on him until the ref stopped it.
Winner: Julio Lopez, TKO, 1st round (ground and pound)

165 lbs. catchweight – Craig ‘Grasshopper’ Plaskett, Jr. (Hayastan MMA) vs. Michael ‘Myke Da Woo’ Woods (Desert Karate/Python Jiu Jitsu)
Mike Woods is a dynamic striker. At least I have to assume that, because his one attempt at a flying kick missed and he ended up free-falling to the canvas. Plaskett, Jr. pounced and as they rolled quickly took the back, and choked Woods out.
Winner: Craig Plaskett, Jr., Submission, 1st round (rear-naked choke)

145 lbs. – Jason ‘The Naked Author’ Mitchiner (JFM Boxing) vs. Albert Veloz (Cage Combat Academy)
The Naked Author (almost as good a nickname as “The Farmer of Destruction”) came out and threw a kick to the pills, causing a brief pause in the action. Once the bout resumed, Veloz caught a headkick attempt by Mitchiner and used it to throw Mitchiner to the mat, pouncing and using a very high volume of fistic ground and pound to force the ref to jump in a save Mitchiner.
Winner: Albert Veloz, TKO, 1st round, ground strikes

170 lbs. – Armen Tovmasian (Team Main Event) vs. Jacob ‘Yoshi’ Wasano (Team Quest)
Both men engaged with a manic energy, and the fight quickly turned into a short-distance slug-fest. Both guys showed durability, each throwing heavy punches. Tovmasian used the proximity of Wasano to throw him to the canvas, but Wasano popped back up immediately. Tovmasian landed a brutal elbow, creating a deep gash on Wasano’s right eyeline, and, this being amateur MMA, forcing the ref to stop in and stop the match.
Winner: Armen Tovmasian, TKO, 1st round (cut)

145 lbs. – Sergio ‘Surge the Kid’ Perez (Hayastan MMA) vs. Tony Ahumada (El Valenzuela Cuesta Boxing)
Ahumada, a last-minute replacement, fought through two rounds but a minute into the third (1:01, technically) he was forced to tap.
Winner: Sergio Perez, Submission, 3rd round (Rear Naked Choke)

The U of MMA puts on exciting cards featuring the best of the Southern California amateur MMA scene. Every event is fast-paced and exciting—They never fail to deliver! Keep an eye out for their next event and come down if you’re in the greater LA area!