U of MMA Storms Club Nokia

At Club Nokia, mere feet away from the Inside MMA studios, U of MMA held their October event, Second to None featuring some of the best CAMO amateur fighters in southern California. MMA Rants Today was there and here is what we saw (pictures in this post): The U of MMA is doing a great thing for amateur MMA fighters: not only is it hosting and promoting local MMA talent, but it also helps them become more media savvy, working their interviewing skills as well. This is an organization about development, and in that vein it also hosts Combat Jiu Jitsu, helping BJJ fighters develop their skills in an MMA setting. One thing about amateur MMA bouts: 2 minute rounds. The other thing: proactive refs. You’ll get a lot of ref stoppages earlier than they might stop them in professional bouts to protect the fighters, as well as standing up the participants when they’re stalemating on the ground. They gotta keep things moving. And tonight, they did exactly that: the action was fast and the fighters were definitely there to fight! BOUT 1: Wagaman vs Gerasmov, 155 lb. catchweight Both guys open the show with a bang as they come out aggressive and swingning! Gerasimov seems to have the edge in striking early, nailing Wagaman a few times and Wagaman shoots. They wrestle on the ground, back and forth and are stood up by the Ref. Wagaman lands a solid punch to the chin of Gerasimov and sends him back. Wagaman pounces and is in the process of getting Gerismov in a submission when the round ends. Round two: They circle, trade. Wagaman catches a kick and sends Gerasimov to the mat. Gerasimov works Wagaman into a triangle, bur Wagaman gets out. Gerasimov lands several kicks as Wagaman is tired. Both men are bloodied by round’s end. Wagaman’s nose appears to be broken, picasso-style. Round three: Gerasimov looks fresh. Wagaman looks tired. Wagaman puts on a valiant defense but Gerasimov is too accurate with his striking and the Ref puts an end to it. Winner: Dmitri Gerasimov, TKO Strikes   BOUT 2: Matt Jones vs. Brian DeMaree, 185 lbs Matt Jones the more aggressive, lands a punch and gets DeMaree against the cage. DeMaree reverses but it isn’t long lasted as they separate and Jones lands a few solid punches. They go to teh ground and DeMaree ends up on top. They break and stand up and Jones lands again and again, ending the fight knocking DeMaree down. Winner: Matt Jones, KO Punches   BOUT 3: Jessica Martinez vs. Colbey Northcutt, 140 lb catchweight Colbey claimed the cage early and Martinez never really challenged for it. Northcutt came out much more aggressive than Martinez and landed several strikes before Martinez was able to grab her and get her against the cage. They fought through, grappling and dirty boxing around the cage, separating briefly while Northcutt landed strikes. She had the reach advantage and used it, keeping Martinez at range and then moving in, taking her down and submitting her. Winner: Colbey Northcutt, Submission, Guillotine Choke   BOUT 4: Jacob Wagaman vs JJ Mortimer, 205 lbs Tourney Bracket Fight After the briefest of “feeling out” period, Mortimer shoots in and gets Wagaman down.Wagaman ends up in Mortimer’s guard and both guys work on the ground without advancing much, and the ref stands them up. Wagaman is more aggressive here, and after getting Mortimer against the cage, executes a perfect double-leg takedown. There’s no time to work though as the round ends. Round two: Mortimer shoots and works for a double-leg. Pulls guard and hey grapple until the ref stands them up. Wagaman lands one punch before the round ends. Round three: Wagaman doesn’t seem to want anything to do with Mortimer’s striking and after circling standing up for a moment, shoots and gets Mortimer on the ground. Working for side control, Wagaman lands punches to Mortimer’s body. the ref stands them up again and Mortimer knocks Wagaman down and goes for a guillotine but there’s no time and the round ends. Winner: Jacob Wagaman, Unanimous Decision   BOUT 5: Kevin Gonzalez vs. Eric Rios, 135 lbs. Virtually no striking, a whiff and then a takedown and they’re on the ground. You’d be surprised how fast 2 minutes goes by when there’s groundfighting. Round two: Again, Rios gets the takedown and ends up in Gonzalez’ guard. Rios landing some good GNP but they stalemate and get stood up again. Rios gets the takedown again. The crowd is surprisingly not appearing to get antsy at all of this groundwork… Round three: Gonzalez jumps guard and threatens with a triangle. They battle. Rios gets half guard. Gonzalez gets guard back but leaves his neck open. Rios is unable to capitalize and the round ends. Winner: Eric Rios, Unanimous Decision   BOUT 6: Gio Zavala vs. Jens Grau, 205 lbs. Tourney Bracket Fight Grau appears to be the more technically sound striker, as he easily ducks a punch and send Zavala reeling back with strikes.Zavala grabs Grau and they go down for a moment before popping back up and Grau takes the fight to Zavala again. Zavala is able to clutch Grau and the round ends. Round two: Grau comes out swinging and forces Zavala back. Both men land and the fight goes back and forth with Zavala bull rushing Grau and Grau getting out of the clinch to land punches. They trade and it gets a little sloppy but Grau comes out with the better striking. Round three: Zavala rushes and Grau gets out of his grip. They trade, and Grau is still getting the better of the stand-up but Zavala is punching hard. Grau again gets the better of the striking but is putting himself in danger whenever he moves in. Some of Zavala’s strikes land, but not enough to put Grau down. Grau also gets out of Zavala’s takedown attempts, and the round ends with Zavala trying to get Grau down. Winner: Jens Grau, Majority Decision   BOUT 7: Rick James vs. Rob Fernandes, 150 catchweight Rick James (who does not appear to use “Superfreak” as his nickname nor to use “adrenalin is a hell of a drug” as his slogan) shoots in after a segment with lots of feints and not a lot of strikes. They clinch and Fernandea takes James down. They struggle, get back up and Fernandes again takes James down, ending up on top. Fernandes needs to be caerful, as both of James’ victories have come by way of submission… Round two: Big slam! James takes Fernandes’ back, mounts and flattens him out and lands strikes, seizes the moment and snakes in the RNC. Rick James, Bitch! Winner: Rick James, Tapout, Rear-naked Choke   BOUT 8: Ian Park vs. Ian Bo Moskowitz, 170 lbs. Round one: Lots of energy around this fight. Both men have large contingencies and they are loudly cheering on their guy. The fight starts with both guys displaying good boxing skills, but it seems Moskowitz has the better boxing as he lands more effectively. They clinch and go down and pop back up. Again they strike. Moskowitz seems to be the more advanced striker. They clinch in the center and go down. Moskowitx gets top position and rides Park as he bucks and attempts to escape. Moskowitch gets the back, and pounds strike after strike before getting the rear-naked choke and the tap.   BOUT 9: Luna Varone vs. Brooksie Bayard, 143 lb. catchweight A quick note on these two: When Luna enters the cage, her corner yells at her and slaps her repeatedly. I know this is a common way to get fighters fired up, but I have to say, when it’s a guy slapping a woman, I get uncomfortable… in contrast, when Bayard entered, she hugged and kissed her trainer and hugged her other cornerman. I thought, going in (Varone’s tattoos helped) that Bayard was about to get crushed… Bayard comes out aggressive and uses a flurry of punches to back Varone up against the cage. They clinch. The ref separates them and Bayard is once again flurrying and getting Varone against the cage. Round ends. Round two: They strike pretty evenly to start the round, then lots of clinch fighting against the cage. Round three: Bayard more active with the striking, landing more. Varone has a good hook, but seems to be hesitating throwing it. Bayard’s punches landing may have something to do with that. Varone lands knee to the groin, gets warning. Lands another, loses a point. She’s just not as active in this fight. When she punches, she has success, but she’s hardly punching. Round ends. If this doesn’t go Bayard’s way, I’ll be surprised. Seriously. Winner: Brooksie Bayard, Unanimous Decision   BOUT 10: Abraham Yunis vs Takashi Munoz, 170 lbs These guys waste no time going after each other. They trade pretty evenly and consistently. The first round had a lot of back and forth but no clear victor. Perhaps the kicks of Yunis won him the round. Round two: They’re right back at it. Trading and clinching. Munoz lands a low knee, and we take a break. Yunis is ready to go quickly and both guys trade kicks. Munoz gets a nice double-leg and takes Yunis down. Landing some good strikes from top position, they eventually come to a stalemate and the ref stands them up. Munoz takes Yunis to the fence and they both work dirty boxing. This round, Yunis took command, landed the better strikes and took the round. Round three: Munoz comes out on fire, and advances on Yunis. Monuz shoots, and gets the takedown, going from Yunis’ guard to half-guard. Munoz stands up and allows Yunis to stand. They trade, and Munoz takes him down again to end the fight. Winner: Takashi Munoz, Unanimous Decision All in all, a great night of fights delivered by the U of MMA. I would’ve liked to have seen the heavyweights and Combat Jiu Jitsu, but I doubt anyone in the crowd felt disappointed in the evening. These fighters are exciting and I’m sure you’ll soon see them in your facebook feeds, on undercards and before too long in main cards in some of your favorite promotions.