U of MMA throws down at Nokia Live for Fight Night 5

uofmmma2The U of MMA held their Fight Night 5 event at Club Nokia at LA Live on Sunday, February 9th and, as usual, brought some of the best live amateur MMA you’ll find anywhere in the country. We have a lot of great gyms in and around the LA area, so you can find some of the best amateur fighters working their way up the ranks at the U of MMA’s events.

U of MMA Fight Night 5 showcased some great up & coming fighters. Here are the feature fights, along with the results of the rest of the card.

175 lbs. CW (3 x 2 min.) – SHOHEI YAMAMOTO (CSW) vs. JACOB WASANO (Team Quest)
One of the most exciting first rounds of MMA I’ve ever seen—including professional bouts! Yamamoto is a dynamic striker, and served notice immediately with an attempted wheel kick. Wasano was a tough opponent, and gave as good as he got. They traded furiously. Both got rocked at various points of the round. Wasano pulled guard with a guillotine attempt when Yamamoto shot in. They rolled for a few moments, and then rose to their feet, separated and went for it again. Yamamoto had the advantage in the stand-up, but wasn’t as elusive as he could’ve been and took almost as many fists to the face as Wasano did. Almost. He caught Wasano with a punch, moved in and finished the fight.

Winner: Shohei Yamamoto, TKO, 1st round

145 lbs. (3 x 2 min.) – MARINA SHAFIR (Glendale Fight Club) vs. NICOLE UPSHAW (AZ Dragons MMA)
Shafir comes in with as good a pedigree as any female amateur fighter—she counts Rhonda Rousey as a friend and mentor. It wasn’t long before she took the fight to the ground, and after raining fists down on Upshaw from the mount, worked into an arm bar and got the tap. Even if she didn’t have an affiliation with the UFC champion, you’d have to say that Shafir has a bright future in MMA.

205 lbs. (3 x 3 min.) – OZZY DIAZ (NZT Pankration) vs. SAMUELRAY BARRERA (Kings MMA)
Both of these guys are dangerous, and have earned their way into the U of MMA’s Light Heavyweight Contender Match. Diaz is a good striker although he did leave opportunities for Barera to counter. Barrera, when he was aggressive, showed effective striking himself, and did a good job in the first round of defending the takedown.

Round two saw Barrera leave his chin up and available, and Diaz took advantage. There were a few back and forth flurries, but in the end it was a beautiful combination of knee to the body, overhand right and a shoot in that took Barrera down, and enabled Diaz to get the rear-naked choke submission win.
Winner: Ozzy Diaz, RNC, 2nd round

170 lbs. (3 x 3 min.) – JARETT CONNER (Upland MMA) vs. ROMAN TODOROVICH (Elite Training Center)
Todorovich immediately shot in and they worked their way around the cage on their feet clinching and trading position. Several times, Todorovich lifted Conner up but was unable to complete the takedown. They clinched like this until Conner was able to push off and separate. Conner shot in, and his timing was perfect. He got Todorovich down, and worked to control him from top position but Todorovich was able to reverse and they got to their feet again. This time Todorovich was ready for Conner’s shot and used it to pull guard, attempting a guillotine which Conner fought out of. They rolled, and Todorovich was able to take Conner’s back, trap his arm within a body triangle, and attempt a rear-naked choke when the round ended.

Round two brought more intense action as they clinched, then went to the mat. Both fighters had top position during their time on the mat, and Todorovich attempted a nasty shoulder lock. When they stood up, Todorovich came on like a man possessed, landing punch after punch… chasing Conner around the cage… dealing damage as the bell sounded to end the round.

Round three and they’re clinching again. When they separate, it seems Todorovich’s work in the previous two rounds has tired Conner out a bit, as Todorovich was quicker and more effective standing up. Once they clinched again, Conner was able to get a big slam takedown but as the third round ended, Todorovich had worked Conner into a triangle choke.
Winner: Roman Todorovich, Unanmous Decision

155 lbs. (3 x 3 min.) – A.J. LAVARIAS (Systems Training Center) vs. DERION CHAPMAN (House of Champions)
They traded low kicks to begin the round. Lavarias shot in and got the takedown and spent the majority of the round on top, controlling Chapman and landing ground and pound sparely. Chapman kept working, and reversed. It only took a few punches from Chapman on top for Lavarias to attempt to get up quickly, and he found Chapman on his back, sinking in a rear-naked choke attempt as the round ended.

Round two saw Lavarias again taking Chapman down, but this time, Chapman worked his long frame to good advantage and attempted a triangle choke, transitioned into an arm bar attempt and looked like he was about to pull of the submission but Lavarais crowded him and got his arm out of a potentially dangerous position. Lavarias landed some wicked ground and pound before Chapman was able to get out of trouble and reverse things, getting Lavarias down.

Round three tested both men as they traded position and rolled, wrestled, maneuvered and muscled their way into and out of danger. Lavarias got Champan down with a big slam, but Chapman snuck out the back door and ended up taking Lavarias’ back. Cranking his neck, Chapman rode Lavarias as he attempted to buck and move and work Chapman off. At one point, Chapman was literall riding Lavarias as Lavarias crawled. All the while, Chapman rained down punches until he couldn’t keep his balance anymore and pulled Lavarias down with him. A tough call between this one and the last for fight of the night, in my book.
Winner: Derion Chapman, Unanimous Decision

Rest of the card:
170 lbs. (3 x 2 min.) – MICHAEL WOODS (Desert Karate) vs. CRUZ MARTINEZ (House of Champions)
Winner: Cruz Martinez, Arm Bar Sub, 1st rd

155 lbs. (3 x 2 min.) – JAVIER GARCIA (CSW) vs. MIKE MARTINEZ (Robot Fight + Fitness)
Winner: Javier Garcia, Split Decision

185 lbs. (3 x 2 min.) – NICK MILLER (XFit) vs. JORDAN TAYLOR (Team Quest)
Winner: Jordan Taylor, Split Decision

155 lbs. (3 x 3 min.) – RONNIE MUGICA (Team Superman) vs. LOGAN SEMPER (AZ Dragons MMA)
Winner: Ronnie Mugica, KO, 1st rd

133 lbs. CW (3 x 2 min.) – HAN LEE (Han Lee MMA) vs. DEMAR GEORGE (Dream Killer Fight Team)
Winner: Deman George, TKO, 1st rd

127 lbs. CW (3 x 2 min.) – DANIEL VAZQUEZ (Systems Training Center) vs. HUGO ARANDA (House of Champions)
Winner: Hugo Aranda, Unanimous Decision

150 lbs. CW (3 x 3 min.) – A.J. BRYANT (XFit) vs. ADRIAN CHAVEZ-GARCIA (10thPlanet Jiu Jitsu)
Winner: A.J. Bryant, TKO, 1st rd

160 lbs. CW (3 x 2 min.) – MICHAEL JACKSON (Systems Training Center) vs. MARCOS LOPEZ (Ring of Fire Martial Arts Academy)
Winner: Michael Jackson, Unanimous Decision

The U of MMA consistently put on the some of the best MMA action in Los Angeles, including the professional shows. You get to see fighters on the cusp of their professional careers, in front of enthusiastic hometown crowds, giving it their all to taste victory in the cage. Keep an eye out for Fight Night 6, and get down here to witness it yourself!