UFC 132 Facebook Prelims

It’s fight day! UFC 132 invades the MGM Grand in Las Vegas! There are some great fights on the free streaming Facebook prelims!

I’ll be publishing and updating through the Facebook Prelims.

First Bout: Donny Walker vs. Jeff Hougland
First Round: After about a minute of “feeling out” striking, a takedown and some good grappling work from each man. Hougland on top for most, working a guillotine on Walker, which Walker escaped. Back and forth grappling, good action, with Walker trying an ankle-lock at the end of the round. I think the round goes to Hougland.

Second Round: Good stand-up, with Walker looking for big shots while moving forward, showing good aggression. Hougland is landing some nice knees, with good movement after striking. Low blow by Hougland. Hougland connects with a left hook, stunning Walker, then goes in and gets a fairly tight guillotine choke, pulling guard.  Walker expresses frustration to the ref that it isn’t tight enough. Walker holds on until the end of the round. I figure two rounds to Hougland.

Third Round: Walker comes out swinging and takes Hougland down. Walker’s corner yelling “you gotta finish him, Donny!” Hougland gets Walker in an arm-bar, which Walker slams out of powerfully. In Hougland’s guard, Walker’s posture is controlled. Back to their feet. Walker takes Hougland down again. With 2:00 left, Walker working to get a choke. Time is Walker’s enemy as Hougland reverses and gets into Walker’s closed guard with 1:00 remaining. Round ends with Hougland on top. I think Walker won the round, but Hougland won the bout. Awaiting decision… Hougland takes the decision.

Second Bout: Andre Winner vs. Anthony Njokuani
First Round: The English fighter Winner always seeks to display his solid striking, but has his match in Njokuani. Both fighters show off their talents, with Njokuani getting there a little quicker, and bringing a more explosive diverse attack. With about a minute left, Njokuani stuns Winner with an uppercut and swarms, bringing a flurry of punches and knees. Ref Yves Levine watches closely as Winner grabs Njokuani and holds him. Njokuani takes Winner down as the round ends. Njokuani wins the round, dominantly. Not quite 10-8*, but a solid round.

Second Round: Winner comes out aggressively to open the round. Both fighters are active, and neither fighter showing signs of being gassed. Njokuani charges, connecting several times, gets Winner against the cage. Winner reverses, releases and they strike in the center again. Njokuani takes Winner down with a Judo throw and Winner gets back up. They clinch against the cage, and Levine stops in to separate them. Sporadic sparring for the last minute and a half of the round. Njokuani now leads on my card, two rounds to one.

Third Round: Winner looking ragged. The action has slowed, as Winner seems like he doesn’t want to get within range of Njokuani. Both guys kick. Njokuani charges a few times. Winner plodding away. They go to the cage, reverse. Dirty boxing. Njokuani separates. With 1:00 left in the fight, Winner moving forward, but not with urgency. Winner swings and connects with power, as the horn sounds and the fight ends. Njokuani takes the fight. *Goldberg announces “Couple of judges gave 10-8 for the first round to Njokuani”

Third Bout: Aaron Simpson vs. Brad Tavares
Ultimate Fighter veteran, 23 year old Brad Tavares, fresh off finishing Phil Baroni faces 36 year old Aaron Simpson in a Middleweight fight.

First Round: Simpson gets Tavares against the cage. Clinching and working on a takedown. Simpson having some small affect with strikes, but is having trouble taking Tavares down. The crowd is getting restless and Ref breaks them up with about 2:00 left in the round. After a smattering of strikes, Simpson takes Tavares to the fence. Simpson doing little damage against the cage but is failing to get Tavares to the mat. A flurry of strikes at the very end of the round. I give the round to Simpson.

Second Round: Simpson opens the round with a leg kick, but eats a counter right. As Simpson moves in, Tavares hits him again and pounces. There’s a clinch, then Simpson gets Tavares against the cage, getting his back. Now they’re back in the same position against the cage, with Simpson leaning on Tavares while striking a bit with knees and punches. Tavares reverses, pushing against Simpson but not striking. Tavares drops down for a double-leg, which Simpson defends but Tavares slams Simpson! Simpson pops up and knees Tavares. The two struggle as Simpson gets the advantage against the cage, but still cannot get Tavares down. Tavares had the better stand-up and got the slam, but Simpson controlled most of the action against the cage. I have Simpson two rounds ahead.

Third Round: A few moments of swinging and it’s back to the cage. The fighters separate and strike. Simpson clinches and tries hard for the takedown but Tavares is showing some solid takedown defense. Back to the cage. Simpson finally gets Tavares down against the cage, but Tavares gets back up. Repeat. Tavares sprawls to defend. Ref separates with 40 seconds left. Tavares moving forward. Gets taken down on the mat by Simpson. Final seconds, Tavares gets back up.

Tavares shows good takedown defense, but defense doesn’t win fights. Simpson wins.

Fourth Bout: Brian Bowles vs. Takeya Mizugaki
First Round: Both guys come out cautiously, which is wise, since they’re both very dangerous. They engage briefly at 3:56 left in the round and then go back to circling. With about 90 seconds left in the round, Bowles showing some striking so Mizugaki takes him to the cage. Then grapple for position, reversing and reversing again. A bit of dirty boxing, then the Ref separates them with 13 second left. Tough round to call, but I give it to the more aggressive Bowles.

Second Round: Mizugaki pushing forward, Bowles mostly counter-striking. Bowles catches Mizugaki and gets him down. Bowles has the back, in a body lock. Mizugaki remaining calm, showing strong defense but Bowles is threatening… 1:00 left. Bowles punching to loosen up Mizugachi, but the round ends without any real damage done. Round goes to Bowles.

Third Round: In the corner of Bowles between rounds, looks like he hurt his right hand. He’s broken his hand in fights before, so we’ll see if that affects his performance. Bowles gets Mizugaki against the cage. The put some work in. The two separate, Mizugaki coming out swinging. Bowles shoots and takes Mizugaki down. Mizugaki pops back up, but now Bowles is on his back, hooks in, while Mizugaki is carrying him on his back. More good wrist control from Mizugaki. With 1:45 left, how long can they remain standing? Mizugaki using the cage for support. Crowd booing while Bowles tries to work hands free. With a minute left, Ref separates them. Mizugaki pushing forward. Bowles throws right, but then shakes it off. His hand is damaged, no question. Fight ends. Bowles may have carried the round because of the length of time Mizugaki carried him on his back. Decision: Bowles.

This ends the free streaming Facebook Prelims. Now, Spike’s ratings go up as they continue there with what look like two great match-ups. Or you can just stay streaming and listen to that cool whooshing sound coming from the UFC.

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