UFC 132: Silva vs. Leben could top Kongo vs. Barry

How often do you see three (3!) knock-outs in the same round of a fight?

Earlier I joked about an old-school Wrestlemania-type cage-match, with multiple fighters competing at the same time, and the excitement and chaos that would bring… and that was before the incredible mutli-knockout event that was Cheick Kongo vs. Pat Barry at UFC Live 4 on Versus and it’s still mind-boggling three knock-outs in one round (“last person to get knocked out loses!”) ending.

UFC 132’s Wanderlei Silva vs. Chris Leben is an explosive-enough match-up that it just might top it!

Both guys are warriors. Both guys like to scrap. Both guys come straight ahead and attack their opponent. Both have shown their ability to take punishment and give back in kind.

Sure, you can point to Wanderlei’s time in the ring, and the amount of strikes that have landed on him and wonder if he can still bring it at the same level he’s known for… but his recent move to Las Vegas and drop in weight class seem to have re-ignited his fire and given him a focus we haven’t seen in years. This is his chance to prove he’s still viable. Still a force to be reckoned with. Still the “axe murderer.”

For Leben, who’s been calling out Wanderlei for this fight, it’s a chance to face a legend, an idol of his. To face one of the most feared men in all of combat sports and test himself. Look at his smile during the face-off at the weigh-in: it had to be a surreal moment for the fighter. You could tell he was relishing every moment on the same stage, in the same bout, as a fighter he was inspired by, looked up to, and now must finish.

These guys will stand toe to toe and bang! I know it’s 4th of July weekend, and everyone and their Mom has written a blog using the term, but, really,  the use of the term “fireworks” to describe an exciting fight could never be more appropriate!