UFC 140: three things on my wishlist

I remember every year around this time as a kid getting my hands on the Sears Wish Book, a huge catalog of the general merchandise Sears sells, turning to the toys section and going to town with my pen, marking all of the things I wanted. (Later, I would find myself turning to the lingerie section to look at the ladies, but that’s a whole different post…)

So with the holiday season fast approaching, I turn to tonight’s fight card and mark a few things down I’d like to see…

1. Make it competitive
If you told me six months ago that this would be the fight line-up at a major UFC PPV, I would’ve laughed. “Jones will walk through Machida, Mir through Nogueira, I don’t even want to see the Ortiz/Nogueiera fight, Ebersole, Hominick, Sosynski, Hamman, Hallman, Jabouin, Bocek, Attonito and Clarke FTW! Easy night to pick!” I would’ve said. And while I haven’t changed my thoughts on tonight, I do hope that it’s competitive. If I’ve learned anything about the UFC in the last six months, it’s that anything can happen. Oh, and I’m frequently mistaken about my picks

2. Keep it fun
Jones, Mir and Ortiz all have one thing  in common: a great sense of humor. I’m not saying any of them can afford to sleep on their opponents, but with Mayhem Miller probably out of the UFC, and Roy Nelson not fighting, there’s a definite humor void. What, you think Machida’s gonna be doing anything fun in the Octagon™?!?

3. Someone hire Chael Sonnen as a guest commentator!
Machida and the Nogueiras on the same card screams for some public comment from Chael, and I can not imagine a better place than right there on my screen! Tito Ortiz proclaiming himself “the People’s Champ”? Does Chael know about this?

So there you have it: three things on my wishlist for tonight’s card. It should be a great night of fights, even if you think, like I do, that it’ll be a relatively short night…