UFC 145: Dana White Vlog

Dana White’s getting us pumped for UFC 145 with the latest Vlog. It starts with backstage footage from UFC Sweden. Alessio is upset with good reason, he ate some hard elbows, and DaMarques Johnson is visibly upset and frustrated over his armbar loss to John Maguire. DaMarques keeps saying he knew it was coming, but I can’t imagine he did, Maguire flowed so well into that submission, I doubt many fighters would have been able to defend. Watching Paulo Thiago and his team re-watch his crushing KO at the hands of Siyar The Killa was a bit tough, hope Paulo bounces back fast.

I really enjoy Dana’s vlogs, the backstage after fight video is the absolute best always. Enjoy.

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Anthony Dominguez
comedian.writer.lover…Editor in Chief

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