UFC 152 Full Fight card and Predictions

It’s finally here. UFC 152, we get to see Jon Jones protect defend his belt again. Yay. Vitor Belfort is the unlikely challenger this time around ,and I am all for him winning. Think of how the landscape would change if he won the belt? But for me, all it comes down to is the Flyweight Title fight. Whoever wins, (Benevidez hopefully) then has to face Uncle Creepy soon IMO. We will see, as usual my pics are in green. leave yours in the comments section. Don’t forget to go over to MMABadass.com and make your predictions for a chance to win some swag!

Main Card (PPV)

Light Heavyweight United States Jon Jones (c) vs Brazil  Vitor Belfort
Who do you think I got? Really it’s just a wish pick here. Jon Jones is a true athlete at the height of his game. He has the reach, skills and most importantly, the sport killing game plan. Vitor is old, he’s fast, got power and he’s old. Plus he’s old and tends to burn out fast, because he’s old.  I’m not hating, I want Vitor to win, I’m just calling it like it is. Vitor’s only chance is to stay tight, get inside and land a bomb. He needs to conserve his energy and strength so he can overwhelm Jones when the time is right. Jones just needs to stay on the outside and pick Vitor apart until it’s time to finish him, I’d say around the end of the 2nd or in the 3rd. It’s a fun fight in theory, but it could be ugly in person. I’m still going with Vitor for the win, by TKO/KO no less. But if you are trying to make the rent this month, go with Jones.

Flyweight United States Joseph Benavidez vs United States  Demetrious Johnson
Joe B vs. Might Mouse. I used to be a huge Mighty Mouse fan, but the he humped Miguel Torres for 3 rounds and claimed he ‘dominated’ followed by getting his ass handed to him by Ian McCall, where he also said he ‘dominated’ and finally he beat Uncle Creepy in completely fair, one sided fight that still hurts my soul to think about. Joe B is a great fighter, as is Demetrious Johnson. It’s hard to pick because they are both fast, have good wrestling and cardio for days. I’m not sure who has the heavier hands, but would think Joe B has the slight advantage there. If I was betting on this card like Jimmy Hankins I’d put it on Mighty Mouse by decision, but my heart wants to see Joe B win, then Mighty Mouse will have to face Ian McCall again, followed by a title fight between Uncle Creepy and Joe B. So I’m going with Joeseph Benavidez by decision. 

Middleweight England Michael Bisping vs United States Brian Stann
Michael Bisping is fast. It pains me to compliment the man, but it’s true. Brian Stann is strong with heavy hands, much heavier than Bisping’s. Bisping is used to these types of fights, stifled Chael Sonnen’s grueling wrestling attack and is looking to cement his place ast #1 contender. Brian Stann is coming off a big KO win over Alessio Sakara, don’t expect Bisping to let him get that close or allow him to get his striking going. I believe it’s gonna be a boring, stifling fight with Bisping running, clinching and taking the decision. Still, I’m picking Brian Stann to win by TKO/KO. A man can dream.

Light Heavyweight United States Matt Hamill vs Canada Roger Hollett
I just don’t care about this fight. Matt Hamil by decision. yay.    

Catchweight (146.4 lbs.) United States Cub Swanson vs Brazil Charles Oliveira
I’m pretty bummed that this is a catchweight fight. I hate when fighters don’t make weight. It lessens the victory if the heavier guy wins, and gives him an excuse if he loses. It’s BS and I’m sad it happened here cause I like both of these fighters. Cub Swanson is finding his groove again, with a couple big wins, while Charles is stuck in the mud. The MMA Badass said we haven’t seen the best of Charles O and I think he’s right. I just don’t think Cub Swanson is the guy he’s gonna showcase his best with. Cub has the experience, the sport killing game plan and the hunger like we haven’t seen in him for years. Cub has the reach and the heavier hands, Charles has the speed and the superior ground game. My pick is Cub Swanson by TKO/KO.   

Preliminary Card (FX and Sportsnet)

Light Heavyweight Croatia Igor Pokrajac vs Brazil Vinny Magalhães
Vinny Mag by sub. 

Lightweight Canada TJ Grant vs United States Evan Dunham

Welterweight Canada Sean Pierson vs United States Lance Benoist
Lance Benoist. 

Featherweight United States Jimy Hettes vs United States Marcus Brimage
Jimmy Hettes   

Preliminary Card (Facebook)

Welterweight United States Seth Baczynski vs Norway Simeon Thoresen
Seth Baczysnski.  

Bantamweight Canada Mitch Gagnon vs United States Walel Watson
Mitch Gagnon.   

Welterweight Australia Kyle Noke vs United States Charlie Brenneman
Charlie Brenneman.

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