UFC178QANDAThe DC Bones show is in full swing and on a whirlwind tour. Below are a few highlights and below that is the entire video, the whole 14 hours or whatever it was. It’s worth watching the whole thing just for Jon Jones, he is a complete a$$hole the entire time. It’s great.Enjoy.

Daniel Cormier: “On Sept 27th they are going to close that door and Bob Cook and Javier Mendez are going to go on that side of the cage, and Greg Jackson and those guys are going to go on that side, and it’s going to be me, Jon, and someone else, and that’s when it’s going to get good.”

JJ: “Oooh yeah, it’s going to be intimate.”

DC: “And passionate.”

JJ: “I’m going to make him my wife. You’re going to be Mrs. Jones for the night. I’m going to rub on that big ol’ belly. And you’re going to like it.”

DC: “Yes you will. It’s going to be right in your face. I’m going to put it right on your face. I’m going to smother you with my big ol’ fat belly.”

DC: “I’ve got to go in there and do everything and use every part of my body – my heart, my will, my soul, I have to leave everything in that cage on Sept. 27 and I’m fine doing that. I’m okay with leaving every part of me in that cage.”

JJ: “And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why he’s a commentator. He’s a great talker. You got me over there like ‘Man, that’s deep. That is deep. I feel you my brother.'”

DC: “You’re such an a$$hole.”