UFC Going Out With A Bang!

As the UFC on Fox era dawns, the UFC on Spike era wanes, ending its run of live events on the channel at this weekend’s UFC 138 from Birmingham, England. The Viacom channel has one more year of UFC programming (Unleashed mostly, perhaps some other best-of packages) but the live event train stops here.* And it has one hell of a main event to end on!

Chris “The Crippler” Leben vs. Mark “The Filipino Wrecking Machine” Munoz has the potential to be a five round war, as both men wield heavy hands and iron chins, and both men are solid wrestlers/grapplers. Given their strength on the mat, as well as their status as the first non-title five-round main event in the UFC, I would expect this match to start slowly, with an extended feeling-out period. Each man wary of the other’s power and looking to avoid being taken down.

I know that goes against the mainstream prediction of a quick finish as one guy takes the other’s head off, but I don’t see it that way. In fact, I’ll be surprised if this bout ends before the fourth round. That said, I am well aware that one solid punch could bring an early end to the fight. I just believe that both men are well trained to avoid that punch, and both have shown the ability to do so. (Leben being more likely to absorb punishment than Munoz, though)

However long it goes, though, odds are it’s going to end in a BANG!





*Note: There is one more live event scheduled for Spike, of course: The Ultimate Fighter reality show is set to air it’s finale in December. UFC 138 is the last full-on UFC event to air on Spike.